Thursday, November 6, 2014

Just Got Paid...(June)

Bailey's recital went off without a hitch! It was super fun. We are at a new dance studio this time round since we moved. Bailey has adjusted really well and really really likes it. Momma likes this place too. Bailey was in a Hip Hop class to start off and she was in one dance routine. Next time she will be adding tap, ballet and jazz so she will be in muliple dances. She danced to Just Got Paid. She did such a great job. Dance and performing is definately Bay's nitch! She lights up on stage. Can't wait to see her next season. Mom and Dad are very proud of you Bailey girl! Nana & Papa and Nana was able to make it to watch her dance too! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to come watch her. It meant alot to her! Bailey's teacher was very special this year but she is a Senior and will be leaving for college so Bailey will miss her! Miss McKenzie was a great teacher! Bailey and her had a very special bond!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Someone turns 10 !!!!!!! (June)

CAN NOT believe our boy, fist born is 10 years old!!! How time has flown by. Brooks, you have made us so proud. You are such a sweet soul and you have so many great qualities! You are smart, athletic, funny, a cuddler and you have the BEST smile! Hope you had a great birthday, we love you, buddy!We went bowling and went and bought him his new bike that he wanted to pick out himself. Brooks and Daddy had a little fun trying out the bike with truck tires on it! Both his Nana's got to come too. We had lunch at Pizza Street. It was a great day! Brooks wanted to go paintballing with some friends. So, paintballin is what we did. It was a lof of fun. It hurts just a little bit.... or alot!!! Brooks wanted a Legands of Zelda cake. I usually make their birthday cakes and with hardly any frustration or difficulty but this one was another story. I scrapped the first one. Made a totally different one than he asked for, felt really bad. He was completely happy about it and all his friends liked it. I guess that is all that matters, is that he loved it! Brooks was so sweet that he saw how frustrated i was getting and he said, " mom, you don't have to make my cake, you can just go buy some cupcakes!" This is why i love you so much, Brooks. I ended up making him a Legands of Zelda shield cake.