Friday, April 26, 2013

kids' school carnival

The kids' school carnival was held at the highschool. Alot of the highschoolers where helpers at the carnival! That is a small town thing i think. Never had that in the city! They had a ton of inflatables, games and live animals. You will see that Bailey and i paid tickets to hold a 60lb. python. It felt like it weighed about 100lbs. It was so heavy but really really soft!! Bailey loved it! Brooks and Blake didn't want anything to do with it! Chickens!!! Brooks won three 2 liters of pop playing toss the ring, I won cinnamon rolls playing cake walk. Bailey got her face painted. She is a giraffe. She is the prettiest giraffe i've ever seen. We got the higest bids on a few things for the silent auction. One was ice cream and bubbles for Bailey and three of her friends and two was Brooks and three of his friends get to go to Sonic.

Osawatomie Railroad Days

Our town had this thing called " Railroad Days ". They had booths in the gym, had food outside and then the train museum was open to walk through. Brooks, Blake and I had a walking taco for lunch, Bailey had a huge hotdog and then Blake had a fried twinkie and the kids and I shared a funnel cake. It was delicious!!! We walked through the museum. Walked through a caboose. Brooks found himself a girlfriend in the back of the caboose. LOL!! I bought myself a couple of homemade hand towels at a booth and we entered several drawings. Don't think we won anything though. While in the museum i look over and Bailey is reading a book to a little girl that asked her if she could read a book to her. So cute!! All and all it was a great time!

Fat Squirrel

OHMYGOODNESS!!! I came home the other morning from work and was getting out of the car and noticed this big fat squirrel on the fence. We have a ton of squirrels but i have never seen one so fat in my life. I just so happened to have my camera in my purse and took a few shots of it!

Jump 4 Heart

Bailey raised money for a program at school called, " Jump 4 Heart " It is a program that helps children with heart issues. The kids raise money and then they get to jump rope for fun with all their friends. Bailey wasn't the highest money raiser but she came close. She raised a little over 200 bucks. She walked around our neighborhood. She also earned prizes for all the money she raised. They had a little essembly to give the kids that earned those prizes their prizes. Bailey was pretty excited and proud of herself. WE are very very proud of you, Bailey Quin! You did a great job helping out other kids and their hearts!!! Thank you Nana and Poppy Thank you Grandpa Kently Thank you Nana and Papa for your donations!!!

Spring KU football game

We took the kids to the annual Spring KU football game! It started off cold and cloudy but when the clouds moved out it was a beautiful and sunny day. Great day for a game! Number 9, our new QB looks pretty good. I think this should be a good season. Fingers crossed. We are actually thinking of buying season tickets this year. Thats a big maybe though! Bailey got to meet Baby Jay again and got her pic taken with him. Blake and Brooks got new hats, Blake and i got new shirts, Bailey girl got a new ear warmer and a bag. Everything was on clearance! Great time to buy stuff for the upcoming season. Still have to find Bailey a KU cheerleader outfit that she has requested. She grew out of hers from last season. The girl is growing like a weed. The kids lot alittle restless so we moved off the 50 yard line and up to the upper part of the stadium so they could run around a bit. Brooks parked himself under his dad's legs and played his dad phone for a while and Bailey was collecting fliers and making drum sticks out of them!Bailey and I painted out nails Red and Blue for the game!! The picture of the stadium looks pretty empty but I took it toward the end of the game, so a lot of people had left. There was a great turn out!! More than we expected!

Brooks' last soccer game

Brooks played his last soccer game, he played well. Had a bit of a cough during this game so he wasn't as quick! There was a girl that kept playing pretty rough... even toward the boys. She was super tall and probably the tallest out of both teams. For some reason she kept roughing it with Brooks. Brooks wasn't going to put up with that, especially from a girl. But he ended up getting hurt. The girl stuck her arm out and hit him then ran right into him and stuck her foot out and made him hyperextend his knee. He went down and didn't get back up. Carried off the court by his couch. I went to get some ice and by the time i got back with it he was up and already back on the court playing! Thata boy!!! So proud of you Brooks!! The team got metals at the end from their couch! Great season Brooks!

Bailey's Farmer Musical

Nana and Papa Bailey and one of her buds, Callie! All three Kindergarten classes had their musical. They were all dressed like farmers. So cute! She did such a great job. She is a natural performer. She was not shy one bit! She practiced her songs everyday at home. We caught ourselves singing all the songs too! :) Thanks to Nana and Papa for making the drive to come see her. She loved that you guys were there!