Friday, August 23, 2013

Is it a Zombie or just Brooks Eric

Here are a couple of pics of everyday life living with Brooks Eric. The child is always being silly and this day was no different. He had gotten a pair of glasses that had goodly eyes and he took the eye part off and was walking around the house as a "Zombie". Then the other night while reading his book i look over and found him holding his book with his feet, while reading! Silly kid! He cracks me up even when he isn't trying too! Love you Brooksamus!

Clark & LK enjoying the outdoors

Clark was enjoying some time just hanging out in the front yard with his big bone and enjoying the shade. LK came outside as well and found her a little spot in the flower garden on a brick. She loves coming outside and hanging out with us. We have to keep an eye on her and remember she has come outside cause she will sneak under the porch and not come out!

waterballoons and bow n arrows

Brooks and Bailey took a trip to the dollar store with Blake. They returned with a bag of water balloons and a bow n arrow. I think Bailey enjoyed the water balloons the most and Brooks ended up running through the yard hitting his mouth and making Indian sounds with the bow n arrow! What a fun time watching them playing and enjoying a day outside just being a kid.

Royals game....

Blake and I went to a Royals game with his company one night. (without kids) It was really nice to have some adult time and be able to sit and enjoy and game with out having to take someone to the bathroom every ten minutes or being asked to buy something else to eat.

Second Day of school

Here are a few pics of the kids on their second day of school. Can't beleive we are almost done with our first full week of school. It is going really well for both kids! Bailey is wearing a special outfit that she got with her Nana and Brooks is wearing a shirt he picked out all by himself. I love Brooks shirt and he also picked out a Duck Dynasty one. Love that kid!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brother & Sister

Blake and I are so lucky to be blessed with a girl and a boy. Even though they fight like cats and dogs most of the time there a few moments where they show that they really do love each other!

Cowgirl Bailey

Bailey's teacher decorated their class room in western theme. Each child had a hat and a bandana on their chairs waiting for them to wear when they got the school the first day! Bailey got off the bus wearing hers. And very proud i might add. Super Cute!

fishing cont. ...

forgot to load a few pics of the fishing trips, sorry. Here they are. Brooks and his turle " Rover " he caught and then the one of him acting like he was going to eat the little tiny fish he caught. One of Brooks taking his catch off the hook himself.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Perfect weather for some fishin

The weather has been beautiful here. It finally stopped raining and it has been in the 70's and no humidity. So, we have taken advantage of it and have gone the lake the last few evenings. The first night it was just Blake, Brooks and I. Bailey was at a friends house. Brooks caught a few small fish and as soon as Blake left to go pick Bailey up i heard Brooks say," Mom, I caught a turtle!" I told him he would have to wait till his dad got back cause i wasn't going to try to get it off the hook. I did't really want to get my finger bit off. :) We got lucky, it actually came off the hook itself, thank god!! Brooks named him Rover. It stuck around in the area we were fishing the rest of the time. strange but true. He then caught a fish that was so small he could have used it as his bait! That is the pic of him acting like he is going to eat it! Second night we went to a different lake. We cooked bacon wrapped pork chops. Brooks again was the only one that caught anything. I take that back, Bailey caught one. Brooks caught a nice size Bass for him anyway. After that it was all small ones. Brooks has become the little fisherman these days. He breaks the worms in half and baits his own hook and then takes the fish off the hook when he catches one. Awesome job, Bubba! Clark really enjoys these trips to the lake too, he runs all over and plays in the water. He likes to listen for the frogs then try to get them in the tall grass. It is funny to watch.

Friday, August 16, 2013

First day as 4th & 1st graders!!

Thursday was the first day of school for the kids. They are both now at the same school now that Bailey is in first grade! Can't beleive that they are in 4th and 1st grade. Brooks got Mrs. Carter and he loves her already. She is a great teacher, and Bailey got Mrs. Mackey. Bailey really likes her aready as well. I have heard nothing but good things about both teachers! Should be a fantastic year!

Water Balloons x 475

Bailey went to a friends birthday party at the park up the street from us and Alaina's mom filled up almost 500 water balloons. The kids LOVED them! Needless to say, they were all soaked after it was all said and done!

goodbyes are hard

A good friend of mine that i have known since middle school has to decided to move to California. Even though i am very excited for her and her new adventures it is sad to say goodbye. A lot of us met out to send her off the best way we knew how.

Bailey and her make-up

Oh My.... When it gets really qiet and i don't hear Bailey playing, singing or reading books to her dolls i know she is probably in the bathroom putting make up on. Well, this day was no different and sure enough this is what she looked like when i found her. :) Blake and I love that she is so independant and that she has a fantastic imagination and she keeps herself busy! Wouldn't change these things one bit! Love you Bailey girl and your scary make up faces!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Morgan Family Reunion

We took a trip to Red Rock Canyon in Hinton Oklahoma for our anaul Morgan family reunion. This is for my moms side of the family. This is the first year that Mamaw wasn't with us. :( Just wasn't the same without her there. We had a good turn out and it was fun to see everyone! We went on a morning hike Saturday, then swam at the pool they had there that afternoon and then played and socialized all day. Some played volleyball too. Bailey found herself a frog. She kept it in a cup all afternoon then let it go down in the creek. Headed back on Sunday morning. We stopped at the Oklahoma City Memorial. It was really neat. Pretty sad though. Daddy drove all the way home like always and the rest of us napped. I think he likes it like that the BEST! HA, Ha!!