Friday, December 30, 2011


Cole hit the jackpot on his tickets, i think he got 130 on this one.
Then Brooks hit the jackpot!
The boys scored big on tickets today!
Brooks, Bailey and Cole
Round and around and around we go.....................

Roller coaster time.....

We had a great time at Zonkers today. Met some friends there to play games, ride rides and jump in the bounce house! Ate pizza and hung out. It is always a treat to go to Zonkers. The kids love it! It is hard to take pics of the kids on the rides while the rides are going, they are just too fast! Bailey's favorite ride is a ride that goes around and around and around then around backwards over and over again. Not sure how she does it!We all get sick just sitting and watching her ride time and time again! Brooks and Coles favorite thing to do was to play games and win as many tickets as they could! I think they did a pretty good job of that today. Brooks got about 350 and Cole won about 550.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love for G-Pa Kently

helping Grandpa open his gifts!
hangin out watchin Indiana Jones with Grandpa

The kids love when they get to see their Grandpa Kently! They get very excited when they know he is coming to visit. Just a few pics of them with their grandpa!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

gift from Nana and Papa
Cinderella globe! ( lights up blue with glitter )!!!
Brooks got himself another Wii game from Nana & Papa!
All her new baby stuff from Nana & Papa!
Brooks' letter to Santa asking him where he comes in to our house since we don't have a fireplace.
Mario Party DS!!
She was so happy that Santa brought her a skate board
Bailey was SOOO excited to open this gift.
Brooks and his Tinker Toys!
Brooks with his new Skylanders game system.
Bailey as Snow White!!

Harry Potter Legos!
Bailey LOVES puzzles, can you tell?
With her Lalaloopsy tree house
Brooks got himself an MP3 player
Are they tweenkies or what? Boys with their new KU stocking caps.
Bailey with her new Rupunzel doll and dress to match!
Daddy and his new KU sweatshirt!
Daddy with his gift of STEAK!!!! About 80 of them and about 6 different cuts!!
Bailey girl in her new outfit from Nana and Papa
Brooks with a new video game from Grandpa Kently ( he also got Monopoly )
Bailey girl with her new Cabbage Patch Doll, Morgan. From Grandpa Kently

We had an awesome Christmas. Here a few pics of that fantastic day!

Tooth Update....

Called and talked to Dentist. They said that they would give Brooks a couple of weeks to try to get that tooth to come out on it's own before he will have to come in and they will see about pulling it. So, cross your fingers and let's hope we can get that baby to come out on it's own.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brooks was so very excited that not only was he going to get a visit from Santa but he was going to get a visit from the Tooth Fairy as well all in the same night! Brooks usually sleeps through the night as he should for a 7 1/2 year old. But, this night he was up several times. He woke up several hours after he had gone to bed with his tooth under his pillow and came out to show Blake and I that the tooth Fairy had come and left him a 5 dollar bill. We told him that we had been up the whole time and didn't hear or see anything. He then told us that he saw her and that he only saw yellow. ( he wasn't quit awake ) He then went back to bed and went back to sleep until he awoke about 2-3 more times. I think he was very excited and couldn't stay asleep!

The next morning the kiddos woke up and came into our room to tell us that Santa had come and Brooks said," there is a truck load of presents out there you guys!!!" We had a fantastic Christmas. The kids got to open some gifts from Mom and Dad Christmas Eve along with the gifts from Nana and Papa.

This was the first year that we didn't' have to go anywhere for Christmas. It was super nice just to hang out all day in our p.j.'s and play games and relax. It was a great day. Pics to come....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

FIRST lost tooth in the Madden house.......

if you look real close you can see his other tooth coming in behind this lost one!

YES, finally Brooks lost his FIRST tooth! It had been loose for a while and the other day Brooks showed me that it was basically just hangin in there by a thread. I noticed then that both his adult teeth had already started to come in behind his two baby teeth. So, we might be making a trip to the dentist to get the other baby tooth pulled so it doesn't mess up the adult teeth coming in. Brooks was so excited! He was sitting playing his dad's iphone and jumped up and started screaming that his tooth had come out! We all gave high fives and took a few pics! Congrats Buddy!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Sweet Mamaw

Mamaw sleeping with her gift on top of her.
Bailey is helping Mamaw open her socks
The kids were so proud of giving her her gift!
Bailey and Mamaw
Brooks and Mamaw

Quinton playing Barbie's with Bailey. Now that is an awesome cousin!
Bailey girl helping Mamaw get back to her room! What a good helper!
We went over to my mom's ( Nana and Papa's ) to visit Mamaw and give her her Christmas gift. When the kids walked back to her room, she was sleeping. By the time i got back there they had layed her gift on top of her while she was sleeping and they were just standing there telling me to,"Shhh, she's sleeping!!" Silly kids. We woke her up and she opened her gift. Her favorite color is lavender and so we got her some lavender fleece p.j. pants and a purple shirt to match and some really really really soft socks!!!! She loved them all. The kids ended up staying and playing at Nana's for a couple of hours. Three of their other cousins were there and all the kids wanted to play together! Blake and I got to hang out in the peace and quiet for a couple of hours before picking them up. The kids had a great time. We love our Mamaw. She is my Grandmother and the kids Great Grandmother.

Missing the kiddos

I had Thursday to myself without the kids and so i was working in the kitchen, getting some Christmas cooking done. I walked in the living room to see where Clark was and found him laying on Brooks' stuffed animal that he sleeps with. Bailey plays with it as well. I guess someone was missing the kiddos being around.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa and Crown Center

Daddy and I took the kiddos down to Crown Center today to see Santa. First, we met Santa and told him what we wanted for Christmas. Then we all had some delicious BBQ for lunch. After lunch, we went outside to see the BIG Christmas tree and play on all the BIG toys they have out there! We do this every year and the kids always have such a great time! Today the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining bright. If you are familiar with Crown Center, you know that they have the big water fountains that shoot up in the air. We always go down there and play in them in the summertime. Brooks decided that he was going to try to run through the fountain while it was down and not shooting up in the air. He made it a few times, as well as Daddy and Bailey, but he got caught running through the middle when the fountains decided to shoot up. He got soaked. We had a lot of fun today!