Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindergarten Round- Up

Bailey went to Kindergarten Round-Up this morning. I didn't take any pictures because they take the kids off by them selves while us parents have to sit through about 10 different people give us information. Way too much to take in that early in the morning. Poor Brooks had to get up this morning and go with us on his day off from school. :( He wanted to sleep in so bad! Felt really bad for him. ( thank goodness for his DS )
Bailey loved it! She showed them that she could write her name all by herself. They were impressed!

Can't believe that we are sending out baby girl off to school in the fall. Just doesn't seem possible!! I'm happy and sad about it. It will be nice to have a quiet house so i can actually get caught up on house work. But sad that her giggle won't be around me in the afternoon. I'm really excited for her. She is so excited to be in the same "BIG" school as her big brother!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brooks= MVP

Coach tossing the game ball to Brooks
being shy!

Daddy telling Brooks how proud we are of him!!! Great job, Bubba!

Brooks is on a new baseball team this year. We are much happier with this team. Love the coaches!
This year they are playing in a lot of tournaments, something we have never done before. Brooks had his first tournament this past weekend. Unfortunately they didn't win it but it was good practice for the team. They played the best of the best. I didn't know boys this age could be so good. WOW!!!
Brooks did awesome! So awesome that his coach gave him the MVP of the tournament and the game ball. Brooks was very proud of himself. He got a little shy about it in front of everyone!
So so proud of you Brooks! Keep up the hard work. His coach explained that in every tournament they will be choosing someone to give the MVP title and game ball too. And then for the regular season they will be giving out the game ball to one boy after each game. Can't wait to see how many Brooks will collect through the season! I'm sure this isn't going to be the last one! ( not bragging or anything, giggle,giggle!! )
Only was able to get a few pics cause i forgot to charge the camera battery, oops! Was kinda sad that the boys didn't have their real uniforms in yet for this first tournament. The company they used didn't get them in on time. We have another tournament coming up this weekend as well. Will be getting much more pics this time around!

Someone got a new bed....... and loves it!!!

Clarkers has a hard time these days staying off the couch when no one is looking. He loves to spread out on his back and sleep. There will not be a 90 lb. lab laying on our couch. Too much hair left behind and dirt left behind from dirty paws.

Soooooo, I went out and got Clark a new bed so he has his own place to sleep out where he can see us. He does have a bed back in Blake and I's room at the foot of our bed but he likes to be around where everyone else is during the day!

Layed it out on the floor the first evening while Blake and I were watching T.V. and look who found and made himself at home on his new bed?! He was out for the count!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Preschool Pal Day

making her binoculars
looking at one of Sunflowers water features in the school!
creating her sunflower
enjoying her frosting!
pooring her own applejuice, all the kids love these miniture pitchers
" I see you "
eating lunch with Bubba
being silly with Bubba

Bailey had her last preschool pal day until she starts Kindergarten in the fall. She still has a Kindergarten round up, which she is very excited about!
Today the kids got to make binoculars for their "sunflower" hunt. They walked thru the school and when they found a sunflower, it would have a clue for the next one on it. They got to explore the whole school.
They came back and made a sunflower and added real sunflower seeds in the middle of it! Super cute!
They had a snack that they could make a sunflower with a sugar cookie, frosting,candy corn for the pedals and real unshelled sunflower seeds for the middle of the flower.
Bailey just ate the frosting, at ta girl!!!!
It was a fun day. She got to eat lunch with Brooks as well. She loves being able to eat with her Bubba and all the other big kids!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Parade

the beginning of the parade!

after the parade, wiped out!!!

playing daddy's phone

Took only a few pics, too many people to get a good picture! I have not seen this many people on St. Patrick's Day ever. Im sure it was cause it was on a Saturday but goodness there were a lot of people!
We had a great time! Bailey enjoyed it. We left a bit early cause we were all hungry. We came back to town and stopped in at a local bar we like to hang out at. Maloney's bar and grill.
Ended up hanging out with some friends for some good food, beer and conversation. ( it was also funny to watch stupid drunk people act rediculious.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The three P's with some Geese!

she picked out a horse to paint
can't wait to see what it looks like out of the fire!
Us with our pottery!
she was running around with them
eating our lunch!
feeding them some of our lunch
started out laughing, ended up screaming and crying!
pretending a rock was her tooth
playing in the water!
basking in the wonderful sun
Looking for seashells with her new friend she made
seperating their shells
loving flip flop season

playing in a tiny beachy area they found. more like dirty mud/sand area
best way to end our day, a stop off at McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae

Bailey and I went and................. Painted pottery,
went for a.....................................Picnic,
at the............................................Park
and fed some ..............................Geese!
We had a blast playing outside today! The weather was beautiful. A bit windy but beautiful! We started the morning off with sleeping in till 9:30. Couldn't believe that she slept that long. Then off to Walls of Clay to paint our pottery. Bailey chose a horse to paint. I chose a large mug! Bailey's horse is very colorful. Can't wait to see it when it is all fired up and finished. We get to pick them up in a week. I painted my mug green ( my favorite color ) with Black accents and some cool puffy paint features. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!
We then went and picked up some food for our picnic and ventured off to the park. We ate our lunch but not without some visitors. Yep you guessed it, Geese. Lots of them!
Bailey liked them till they ALL started to follow her. That got a little scary for her.
Bailey wanted to put her feet in the water so we went over and of course the girl makes friends wherever she goes. Her and these friends searched for shells. They found a lot of them and made it their " collection " they said.
Funny story....... these new friends were oriental. Not sure if Chinese, Japanese or what but they mother was talking in English then to her kids in their native language. Bailey was sitting there with her looking for shells at the time and said to the mother, " hey, you know how to speak Spanish!!!" Oh my goodness, I about died laughing!!! The mother said, " yes, yes i can speak Spanish too!" We both laughed and thought it was really funny and cute!! She cracks me up!!
The kids found a place on the shore that didn't have rocks and it was sandy. They played and played and played in the water for over an hour. We had been at the park for almost 3 hours. Time flies when you are having fun!
We ended our afternoon with a stop by McDonald's for a good ole' hot fudge sundae. I was wiped out but when we got home, i thought maybe Bailey would sit down and watch a movie and relax a bit but oh how i was wrong. She is now been over across the street at her friends house for and hour and a half playing. Man, i wish i had a quarter of that energy!
What a fabulous day! Thanks Bailey girl for spending a great afternoon with your mommy! Pics of the pottery to come next Friday.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zoo Time...

she loved every minute of the ride!
look how far away he is from me!!!! He did a great job though!!
waiting in line!

Our zoo has a pretty cool Polar Bear exhibit!!

I took the kiddos to the Zoo for the first time this year yesterday. We came up over the hill from parking and immediately was grateful that we had got our family passes on line early this year. There were about 12-15 lines with about 75 plus people in each of those lines waiting to get tickets. Ohh Emmm Geeee. I couldn't believe it! We just kept walking, straight up to the front entrance and into the park without a second of waiting!
Didn't take too many pics, the kids and i were there only a couple of hours. Too many people and not enough animals to look at. For some reason most of the animals were not out and about to look at. Not sure if it was the time of day or the new warm weather.
We did get to ride the new Sky Safari ride. It is a lift ride that takes you out over the whole Africa part of the Zoo. Pretty neat. Since there were three of us, Brooks decided he wanted to ride by himself. Lord help me!! I was a bundle of nerves the whole time!!!!!! He did a great job braving that all by himself. This ride for some reason makes my stomach turn anyway, but to have him in front of me without me there to hold onto him was NOT helping my nerves at all!
All and all it was a great time and it was nice to get out and be in the nice weather.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christmas in March

Opening St. Patrick's Day gifts from Nana and Poppy

have to have a silly face pic before a regular one...
Brooks' tie lights up and blinks

She has been wanting this horse for the LONGEST time, she is a happy happy girl!
loves his new sleeveless jersey!
can you tell she likes what she gets??!!
he can never have too many legos
she loves her new PINK KU sweatshirt!!!

Nan is becoming her mother, she put a wrapped gift in a gift bag with tissue paper and all!!! They were getting a good laugh about it!!
The Battle for the Buffalo River book Blake got, he is very excited about it!!!
Poppy and his new Beyond The Phog book!
Nana, Poppy, Brooks and Bailey

Yep, you read that title correctly, we had Christmas in March. Blake's mom had to have open heart surgery right around Christmas time so we were not able to make it down and have Christmas with them in Hays. So, this is the first time our schedules worked out to do it.
Nana and Poppy made a trip down here to our house with gifts in tow and then to take Brooks back with them for the rest of his Spring Break. He is so excited about spending time with his Nana and Poppy. Brooks asked a week or so ago if he was going to be able to go to his Nana's and Poppy's for his Spring Break. It all worked out so well.
We are sad that Brooks won't be with us this Saturday for St. Patrick's Day and the parade but he will be going to a parade with his Nana and Poppy! I already miss my little man ( not so little anymore ) I know for a fact that he is going to have a blast their in Hays, he always does.
Thanks Nana and Poppy for all the great gifts. Thanks for all the St. Patrick's Day gifts as well, the kiddos always look forward to getting a little something from y'all on Holidays!!!!