Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Bowling......

During the summer we have a summer program here in Kansas City, not sure if it's nation wide. You sign your kids up for two free games of bowling a day during the summer. The only thing you pay for are the shoe rental. Love it!! We go about once a week during the summer, epecially if it is raining! I usually let the kids bring their friends too, but today it was just the three of us. It was alot of fun! We had a great day. Brooks bowled a total of 207 for both games and Bay bowled 170 for both games. Awesome job you two! Brooks got two strikes in a row and Bailey girl got a strike too!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

snuggling siblings

No better way to end the day but to snuggle with your brother and sister, eating some popcorn,drinking milk and watching a movie! The one time today that they weren't bickering!

Grade Cards are in.....

The kids got their grade cards in the mail and they were nothing short of fantastic!! We are so proud of both of you!! Brooks, so proud the way you adjusted to your new school right in the middle of the school year. You kept your grades up and exceeded our expectations. Love you! Good luck in 4th Grade! But, first lets have a great summer! Bailey, we are very proud of you as well. Glad that you got a much better teacher when you switched teachers. Thank goodness! Proud that you adjusted and made new friends and did so well with doing your homework and working xtra hard on your reading! Great job, Bailey girl! We love you! Good luck in 1st Grade! Buit first, lets have a fantastic summer! mom & dad Because they got such good grade cards i took them to the store today so they could pick something out! Brooks chose Halo lego toy, he came straight home and built it! Bailey chose a doll that is a "beach girl". She came with sandals,2 bags, 2 glasses,and a hat. She loves her. She named her Jalyn. Bailey's cousin name is Jalyn. Brooks got Mrs. Carter for 4th Grade. He is excited cause he has a buddy of his in his class and she is an awesome teacher!

Brooks' ball game #2 Bailey ball game #1

up to bat leading off 1st stealing home watchin the big boys play some ball Bailey up to bat on 1st Bailey & Parker on 3rd fielding the ball watching his sisters game "tough girl" Bailey had her first T-Ball of the season last night. The rained held off for both of the kids games. I would say we were home about a half hour and it started storming!! Bailey was super excited about her game, so much that she started asking if she could put her uniform on about noon that day. She wanted to put black under her eyes like her big brother!! She played a great game and hit the ball great!!Good job, Bailey girl! Can't wait for the next game! Brooks had his second game of the season. There was a big gap in between the two games. To big. He played short stop this game and walked twice. We played a team from a near by town, Louisburg. They were pretty darn good but our boys played well against them. Brooks stole home from third and slid under the tag. SAFE!!!! Great job listening to your third base coach, Brooks! So so proud!! Brooks is suposed to have a game tomorrow night away in Louisburg, kinda excited about traveling.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Daddy caught a branch! Saturday we decided to take a trip out to our city lake and do some fishin and grilling! Both kids caught a fish within the first half hour or so of fishing. We grilled some hotdogs and had a picnic. We had a great time just hanging out all together and Clark really enjoyed playing in the lake and trying to find all the bullfrogs he kept hearing! We saw a lot of turtles in the water. At one point Brooks and I saw a baby turtle come right up to the surface and then go back. So cute! Fish count: Me: 3 fish Brooks:2 and Bailey:1 They were all too little to keep but it is always fun to catch them and throw them back!

Midway Drive-In

We took our first trip out to opening weekend at the local drive-in. It was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed playing on playground with all the other kids while we waited for it to get dark. First we watched THE CROODS then watched the JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. Brooks made it through both movies. Bailey made it through about 15 minutes through the second movie then fell asleep. We got home around 1 am. It was a long night at the drive-in, but we are making it a summer activity once a weekend. This coming weekend is IRON MAN 3 and OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day gift

Ooops, forgot to post about my Mother's Day. We were traveling back from Dallas that day so it wasn't anything special. But, the fact that i got to spend the last few days with my family doing some fun stuff was enough for me. I DID get a gift though. It was a watch i had been wanting! LOVE IT!! Thank you hubby and children, i love it! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Love you guys!

First game of the season

Brooks had his first baseball game of the season, finally! Been waiting what seems like forever for the season to start! They played really well. Brooks is going to have to get used to a few things again since its been a while since he has practiced or played but he did really well. They won 10-3. Great game,Brooks! # 42 you rock! I love me new necklace. I have one made for me to wear to each of the kiddos games!