Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skate Night

Our town doesn't have a skating rink, not even one in the next town over or over from there. So, our town puts together a skate night up in our towns auditorium. It was a lot of fun. They had the lights off, lights hanging and had a D.J. there playing music! Brooks again thought he was too old to join in on the fun. Party pooper!!! So, Blake and I took Bailey down. Blake ended up skating with Bay. She is a pretty good skater. She had had some practice though. The kids school has skated brought into the school for about a month and a couple times a week in their gym class they get to skate!

taste testing

Bailey and Callie wanted to try a coconut, so Bay and I picked one up at the store. That night the girls cut a hole into the coconut and tried the milk inside and tried eating a piece of the coconut. I think it was a bad coconut cause it tasted nasty and the milk didn't taste right either. :( So,I told the girls we would try it again in the summer when it is more of a coconut season.

another tooth gone...

Brooks lost another tooth. Sitting on the bus riding home from school. He had his fingers on his tooth wiggling it and when the bus hit a big bump, out it came! He was so excited and thought it was pretty cool that's how he lost his tooth.

little artist

Brooks and Bailey really like Art. They love painted and drawing. Sad part of moving to a small small town is that they don't have an art program at their school. It makes me very sad and Brooks especially sad. I buy canvases when they are on sale. So, Bailey wanted to paing one day and this is what she painted..... She painted one day then decided she wanted to add more to her painting! Great Job, Bailey Quin!

snow icecream

The kids wanted to make snow icecream. So, Brooks,Bailey and Bailey's friend, Callie went and collected snow out back, brought it in and made the icecream. It is quit delish!

Frozen balloon balls

We tried this experiment.... we filled white balloons with water and food coloring. Brooks didn't want to be apart of making these. He just wanted to be apart of them when we took the balloon away from the frozen ball. BOYS!!! We put them out in the snow so they could freeze. It took a good day and a half for them to freeze all the way. We learned after the fact that we should have turned them half way through so they would be completely round. But they turned out prety cool anyway. The kids thought they were pretty cool.

Monday, April 21, 2014

100th Day of school...

The kids had their 100th Day of schoool. Bailey came home with some fun glasses they handed out, and a eatable fruit loop necklace she made and ate all her self! Brooks did some fun things at school too but he never wants his picture taken. I swear i don't just take Bailey's pic. I do get some of Brooks but he usually doesn't want to join in on picture taking or just isn't around at the time! :( I do LOVE you Brooks!!

Jeter/Madden Sledding day....

Spent the afternoon/evening at Tait and Lynzee's house. First we watched the Jayhawks play a little basketball. Then headed outside to do a little sledding on the side of their house. Little william did not want to put his gloves on but after going down the hill the first time he asked for them to be put on! He only sled a couple times and was done. Our kids had just got started. Blake and Uncle Tait built the kids a litte ramp to go over. Not sure if it was for the kids as much as it was for them! LOL We had a great time. After sledding we came in for some pizza and hot cocoa. The kids went up and helped get William ready for bed. Brooks read Will a couple of bedtime stories!