Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bulldogs = Undefeated!!!!

Dad proudly watching his son!

About to make an out on third


Pops giving advice

taking down Coach Dallas

Enjoying their 14 game wins!!

was going to dump water on Coach Dallas and he turned it around on the boys!!!

Bulldogs are undefeated for the season! WAY TO GO BULLDOGS!!!! Outstanding season! The boys have improved so much from the beginning of the season to now. So proud of them!!! Brooks had an outstanding season. He won three game balls and one tournament ball. Way to go Brooks! The Bulldogs will be playing in the playoffs starting July 12-16. Let's hope we bring home the BIG MONSTER trophey.
This next season, the boys will be done with machine pitch and will be pitching themselves. Scary but exciting! We have heard that it slows down the game considerably. So, we will see!!!!

p.s. those of you waiting on the Colorado pics, they are coming..... soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brooks turns 8 !!!!

Can't believe it!!!! Our first baby is turning 8 years old today. We can't believe it! It seems like i was just in labor for 12 short hours!!!
We had a great day! Started off with Brooks waking up to a floor full of balloons! Had an unhealthy breakfast, Cinnamon rolls. Then we were off to Bailey's swim lessons.
Matt and Madison came over and we all went bowling!! The kids had a blast. We are a basket of fries and played some video games. Kids turned in their tickets winnings and got some fun toys. Came home and got ready to go play a ball game! Bulldogs are now 11-0!!! U rock Brooks! Brooks got his 3rd game ball tonight! What a great way to end the day!!
His Nana from Hays came down to surprise him at his game and is taking him and his buddy, Kyson also a teammate camping tomorrow night. Brooks doesn't know yet! He will be super excited! They will be fishing, shooting their B B guns. Brooks will be shooting Blake's from when he was a kid! Pretty cool!
His other Nana came to his game too! Brought his whole team suckers and gave him his birthday card. I made cupcakes for the whole team and the coaches. Of course they were baseballs! Brooks is going to be having a birthday party at Great Wolf Lodge later next month so he will be getting his mommas homemade birthday cakes then!
Brooks wanted to say THANK YOU to Grandpa Kently for the card and money and THANK YOU to Uncle Eric, Aunt Emily, Elyssa, Ella, Emmy and Eva for his card and money! He was blown away with all the cash he got!! So excited!! Thank you to Nana too for coming to his game and for the card and money!! Thank you Nana and Poppy for the card and money!!

What a great day!!! Brooks, we are so proud of you and who you are becoming. Such a gifted and sweet young man!! Mommy and Daddy love you very much and so blessed that you are our son!

Madi and Bailey

Brooks and Matt


will cherish this pic, momma never gets a pic with her kids!

Thanks Nana and Papa

Baseball cupcakes I made, they were a big hit!! ( no pun intended )

" Play Ball "

Brooks sporting his game ball with his Nana

Kyson, giving Brooks a homemade birthday card!

Now, that is the way to ride!

Can't believe his is 8!!!

no that isn't a real baseball, it is a cupcake, LOL!!

Brooks with all the one's the E-Crew sent him!!!

Reading his card from the fam!

new baseball DS game!

Happy 8th Birthday, Brooksamus!

" what are we going to do with me?"

Bailey girl got  a sucker stuck in her hair right after taking a bath tonight. I was telling Blake what we needed to do to get it out. Bailey then responded with, " WHAT are we going to do with me? Put me in a cage or something?!" She cracks us up on a daily basis!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberry Festival 2012

Bailey waits for this day every year! It is one of her favorite days of the year. She asked me at least once a month when the Strawberry Festival is. The hospital i work for puts on a fun day with bounce houses, bounce slides, and ice cream with fresh strawberries and all the helpings you could ask for, for the employees and their families! It is a great day! This year they had a face painter and a silly hair person there. We got our faces painted for sure! We love her! We see her several times a year at different events!

slinky girl

slinky boy

bailey getting her face painted

have you guessed what she is?

Only the prettiest zebra there is........

now, what is Brooks going to be?

yep, a Zombie!

eating our yummy ice cream

the girl loves to hula hoop

now a pirate zombie, he won the eye patch in another game

he is actually really really good at this!!!

Brooks is flirting with the girls!!!

We had a GREAT day!!!

Wacky Hair Day

We are WACKY, yes we are!!!!

The kids had wacky hair day one day at summer camp this week.