Sunday, February 26, 2012


Brooks thought he was being sneaky by putting rabbit ears on Blake until Blake told Brooks to come look at the pic. It was funny to see his face!!!
Elena ( Trent's baby girl ) loved Brooks. Followed him everywhere.
He was so good with her, was showing her how to play his DS.
Blake holding baby Nolan ( Burkharts baby boy ) while watching the game!
Bailey was very excited to have such a big coke all to herself!
Dayla and her daughter Randi
Some of the guys playing Goldin Tee, of course!
Blake and Brandon

We met up with all our friends and their families to watch the big Kansas vs Missouri basketball game at a local bar. We had a great great time! Especially since the Jayhawks pulled out a WIN in overtime!!!!
The kids had a whole back room full of games and air hockey to play and keep them entertained. They also had a big open area to play and run right where our tables were! Couldn't have been any more perfect for them!
It was a good time hanging out with friends we hadn't seen in a while since we all have families now and we all keep a pretty busy schedule! Good Times!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Play date with the Bestie

Bailey had one of her best buds over to play this afternoon. They play so well together. ( Most of the time ) They weren't too bad today. They played outside a bit, painted, roller skated around the house and played a bit with Brooks and the older neighbor girl, Shylee. ( Which is pretty much an adopted child )
The girls came into the kitchen today to show me what they had painted, they had painted rainbows. So cute!! Hearing them roller skate around the house and giggle and scream every time they were going to fall down or fell down made me laugh!!! Right after one would fall you would hear in their sweet little girly voices, " OHHH, Are you Ok?!?!?!" It was sweet!!! It was a great play date! Thanks Audrey for coming and playing at our house today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2nd Grade Music program

Brooks did a great job!!!
( Hate is a strong word, but i hate our camera, all the kids look like they are possessed!!
Nana, Bailey and Mamaw
Nana, Brooks and Mamaw
family pic after the show. ( again, hate our camera )

Brooks had is school open house and got to show us all the fun things he has been making and learning about in class! They have been quit busy this year.
After that we went for the 2 graders music program. There are 4 second grade classes. They each had their own lines to memorize and say. Brooks did great, as well as the rest of the kids.
The music was awesome. Quit entertaining!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

playin with the boys!!!

she was saying, " where are you guys, im comin to get ya!!"
better pic of her new hair cut!

This one cracks me up...... she was armed and ready!!!! Watch out boys, here she comes!!!!

Brooks had a friend over to play after school today. It was so nice and warm out that they were outside the rest of the afternoon. Bailey girl was out there with them playing some shooting game, bad and good guys. She was the bad guy and the boys were hiding from her. She cracks me up. She was walking around trying to find them wearing her night vision glasses and her gun. Brooks came around the corner and shot her and she just fell to the ground like nothin and played dead.
She plays so well with the boys! She is miss priss but at the same time she is a tomboy! Love that about her!
I would have gotten pics of the boys too but they weren't standing still long enough to get one that wasn't blurry!

Someone got her hair cut!!!!

we can't do anything with paint without painting our hands.
this girl makes me smile all day!!! Love her
glitter anyone?

she can't take a pic without crossing her eyes at least once....
told ya!!!!!

Yep, Bailey girl has not let me cut her hair in a long time. Her friend, Tessa got her hair cut so now Bailey decided she wanted hers cut. Thank you Tessa, we love you!!!
Bailey's hair is so thin and fine like her mama's. It looks so much thicker and healthier now that it is cut! Love it. She had a great time going to the fancy salon and getting her hair cut!!!
We also came home and painted our stepping stones we got for Valentine's. So you can see her hair in these pics!

Pre-School Play Pals

playing snowman bingo! The kids got a pencil at the end and it smells like hot cocoa!

Bailey's turn under the parachute!

She was having a BLAST! Can you tell?!

Making a snowflake with pipe cleaners and clear beads!

Bailey got to attend a Pre-kindergarten time at Sunflower where she will be going in the Fall. Sigh........... can't believe my baby is going off to kindergarten already.

She was so excited about going. She can't wait to start going to school everyday where her Bubba goes!!

They had a couple of crafts they made and they played with the parachute, which all the kids really enjoyed.

They had a visit from Mr. Way, Sunflowers principal and he read them a story.

They had a snack and then we were done. We were lucky enough to be able to stop and eat with Brooks and his class for lunch. Perfect timing! Bailey loved carrying her own tray and sitting with the big kids!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Brooks' party
leading the congo line.....
class clown as always

that is a lot of Valentine's
Whoopie Pie's I made for Brooks' party
Bailey Q's party, they had a Valentine's P.J. party!
eating lots of treats!
Bailey and Tessa, best buds!
Q's Valentine's cards
B-Rooks' Valentine cards
Bailey and her puppy she got from Cupid
Cupid brought Brooks a puppy too!

It was a good day. Bailey's party was first, this morning. She had a great party. They had treats, LOTS of treats, watched a movie and then handed out their Valentine's to everyone! Then home to finish making Brooks' class their treats. I made them Valentine's Whoopie Pies. They turned out pretty cute. They had a great party as well. lots of treats, fruit kabobs and then they passed out their Valentine's. Boy, do 2nd graders get a lot of Valentine's. They played a few games. One was freeze dance. Brooks ended up starting a congo line during one dance. Funny kids!! The clown that Brooks is, he wore the glasses that his Nana and Poppy got him today and the kids got a good laugh.
Mommy got King Crab legs brought home along with shrimp for her Valentine's dinner. Yummo! It was the first time the kids had had crab and they loved it!
I had made some chocolate covered strawberries for the fam for dessert.
Thanks Nana and Papa for bringing over fun Valentine's baggies full of fun and yummy things!
Thanks again Nana and Poppy for all the Valentine treats!
Thanks Cupid for making it to our house even through the snow storm!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow, Oh the kids have missed you..........

It is in the middle of Feb. and it hasn't snowed yet this winter until today. it snowed maybe an inch or two, maybe!! That was enough for the kids to want to go out back and play, run around and throw snowballs at each other and make their first snow man all by themselves.
They did a great job. He is a little dirty but that didn't matter to them. The kids were hoping for enough snow for a snow day and enough snow for Daddy to take them sledding. They didn't get that lucky. Mom on the underhand has been really sick the last few days and is really ready for the summer heat!!! This no sun stuff is going to be the death of me or at least my good mood.