Monday, September 8, 2014

Field Day ( May )

I always loved field day at school growing up! So, I really enjoy being to go watch my kids enjoy their field days. Theirs are nothing like how mine was but they sure seem to enjoy theirs. I had to split my time between each kid. Luckily i had a schedule in hand and they were around the same area of each other when it was time to switch.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Zoo Field Trip ( May )

I am used to going to all the kids field trips but this time was extra special. Daddy got to join us. I always enjoy when he can join me on things but Brooks was super excited that both of us were there. We had a group of boys with us and Brooks' teacher, Ms. Carter. It was a beautiful day at the zoo. Boys were being boys, giving each other piggy back rides, making funny noises at all the animals and doing alot of laughing. We rode the sky walk... it goes across the Africa section of the zoo. Brooks was excited cause at the end of the day he got to ride home with us instead of riding the bus on that really long ride home. He crashed in the back seat two minutes out of the parking lot! What a fun day with our boy and his friends!

Flat bill hats are in....... ( May )

Brooks wanted a flat bill hat so bad..... took him and his friend Matt to the mall to pick one out. His dad was not happy at all that he was getting one. In his dads words," flat bills are stupid!" Oh, Blake calm down, it's just a hat! LOL Brooks chosed a KU one of course! Im guessing this isn't going to be his only one either. He looks so handsome in it too! On our way to the lego store we passed a big poster of a pretty girl in a sparkly dress. The boys thought she was really pretty. I told them to stand by her and i would get their pics. Matt was being super shy all of the sudden. Brooks decided he would be funny and put his hand on her butt. Oh geez.... as we were leaving i got a few shots of the boys just goofing off and being themselves. I really enjoyed this "just boys and mom" trip to the mall. We finished our fun day with a little bowling and playing games at home.