Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KU football and Royals baseball & Freedom Fest

Blake and I got a rare day to ourselves this last Saturday. We dropped kids at their friends houses and headed out to our first stop of the day. KU football game. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it wasn't too hot! Perfect really. Blake and I got pretty good seats but we didn't really like sitting on the corner of field so we moved to other side of stadium and up a ways on the 5o yard line so we could see all the action. Much better! The Jayhawks pulled off a fantastic win with a couple of seconds left on clock with a field goal. Then we were off again to our next destination. We swung by and pick a few friends up on the way and headed out the "K" to watch our fabulous Royals play some baseball. They have been on fire and are in the running for the wild card for the playoffs. Did a little tailgating with some friends. Royals weren't so lucky as the Jayhawks but it was still a great time and great weather! We all headed back to OZ to head up to our only bar in town, Tailgators. Had some drinks and played a little pool. Watched Blake cut loose on the dance floor. Quit entertaining i must say. I always get to enjoy him like that in the privacey of our own home but it is rare that he shows that side to others out in public!! Ordered the BEST pizza in town and headed to our house for some good eatin. Ended the night about 4am and headed to bed. I ended up sleeping till 4:30 the next afternoon cause i had to work that night. Blake got about noon or so when the kids started filtering in. He took them up to our local park to the "FREEDOM FEST". They had a great time. Got to see some reinactments of the war and watched them shoot real cannons. The kids really got a kick out of that, Blake said. Bailey rode a horse, I guess Brooks didn't want to. All in all it was a great time had by all over the weekend.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rock Chalk PROUD!!!

Kids wore their KU gear today, Friday before game day! Holding flag up before school just for Daddy. He had already left for work before all of us were up so he didn't get to see them all dressed up. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, GO KU!! Blake and I are heading out to the game tomorrow morning then off to meet friends to tailgate and get a Royals baseball game in tomorrow night. Big and Busy day tomorrow.......


I am so glad i at least get to make Brooks and Blake's football games on Wednesday nights. I am so very sad that i miss the ones on Monday nights due to work. :( I love watching Brooks play and i really love watching Blake coaching and doing what he loves so much. He has such a passion for the game and a bigger passion about his son! Plus he's the hottest coach on the sidelines! Proud to be his wife! The boys are playing well. We are 4-1. They still have a lot to learn but they are all having a great time playing! Can't wait till the next game. We have had perfect weather during these games. At this last game the moon was beautiful and very full!

forgot a post...oops!

Bailey had her first soccer game last Wednesday evening of the season. She did really well but she is not really aggressive toward getting the ball in soccer. She is having a blast being out there but im not sure soccer is HER sport! LOL! Never know though! Her team got to play against a lot of her friends. Parker, Callie.....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Party in the Park

One of Bailey's BFF's, Callie had her birthday at the park today. Perfect day for a party in the park. Callie's grandma brought her little pony so all the kids got to brush him and feed him apples. Bailey loved him. His name is Charlie. It was a big hit with all the kids!

Saturday Soccer game.....

Beautiful morning for a soccer game. Bailey had her first Saturday soccer game of the season. Brooks stayed home and slept ( was still asleep when we got home ) and Blake was already out on the golf course with his buddies. So, I was just the girls this morning. Bailey did so much better today being more aggressive. She really got in there and almost made a goal. It was a loss for her team but a BIG win for Bailey girl today! Great playing BQ!!