Friday, March 28, 2014

Country Road Sledding

We went sledding with some friends out on a country road. The kids LOVED it! We would have them sled down the hill and pile into the 4Runner and then we would back them back up to the top! Wish i had it that easy when i was a kid sledding! I brought hot cocoa for the kids when they got tired and cold. Couldn't leave out the marshmellows! I even went down the hill. It was really really fast, faster than i thought it would be. Blake enjoyed himself as usual. He crashed and burned as usual too. Got home and realized he had banged the side of his head up pretty good. Poor guy. Clark ran up and down the hill EVERYTIME with the kids. He even went into the field next to where we were and played in the snow (hinch the snow on the nose) He was wore out when we got home. Bailey had a blanket pallet on her bedroom floor and Clark went in and layed down and crashed! Bailey covered him up with one of her pink baby blankets!

Sweet Molly

Here is Molly. She was looking over me one day when i was on the computer. She loves to hang out with me for some reason when i get on the computer. She is such a good and pretty kitty! We love her a lot!

Daddy turns 38!

Mommy didn't have time to make Daddy a cake :( so we got him yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with filling in them! They were delish! We got Daddy a gift card to Bass Pro shop for a new fishing pole and real that he was wanting. When we go fishing he is stuck with the old pole and a terrible real.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014!!!

We didn't have any plans for New Year's Eve. We like to stay home cause even if we got a babysitter we wouldn't go out. We don't like to be out of the streets on New Year's Eve. It is just too risky. Sooooo, we walked down to the Mexican Restaurant and met a few friends of ours and ate a good meal, then came home and played games that we got for Christmas, at brownies and cookies and celebrated New Year's together. The kids got to sleep out in the living room, which they LOVE to do! Watched movies and the kids actually stayed up till AFTER midnight! It was a fun night!!

Something About Mary

We were hanging out in the living watching tv and Brooks got up to get a drink and when i looked at him and saw his hair i emmediately thought of the movie,"Something about Mary." It is not a kid friendly movie so i just took a pic and laughed inside. Couldn't really tell him about the movie because the part that his hair reminded me of is not appropriate for kids ears! LOL Blake and I got a kick out of it though.....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Christmas with Grandpa Kently

We always love having Grandpa Kently come visit! It was his turn to have Christmas with us. We had a great time! Went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaraunt and at the end of dinner we each got a fried icecream. Yummy! They were so good! We opened gifts. Bailey loved her handmade jewelry box. Brooks LOVED his checkers and chess board. Grandpa Kently was going to make him one but couldn't get his hands on the right wood for it so he bought one this time but i think in the future he will make Brooks one. Brooks and Bailey love playing chess the best. I don't even know how to play chess. Very impressed when they started playing, especially Bailey. I guess their daycare at the hospital taught them how to play! How awesome is that?! Brooks wasn't feeling great so Blake, Grandpa and Bailey went out to the land to shoot the guns a bit. Grandpa Kently enjoyed helping Bailey shoot her gun. She's a pretty good shot! The animals love their grandpa Kently too. Clark is laying on his bed and Pumpkin is laying on his bag. They love him! Thank you Grandpa Kently for the visit and for the great gifts! A couple weeks later we recieved some gun stands made by grandpa Kently so Bailey wouldn't get tired holding her heavy gun up to shoot everytime! LOVE them, Thank you Kently!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The "MADDEN THANKFUL TREE" (forgotten post)

For this Thanksgiving we made a Thankful Tree for the first time. It goes along with making new tradions. On our Thankful Tree we each traced our hands, cut them out and wrote on each one what we were thankful for this year. The kids enjoyed making this. We actually kept it on the wall for a while after Christmas cause we liked it so much.

Making blankets to donate

Bailey got invited to go to an all girls party where they made fleece tie blakets to donate to kids in need. I took her to the store to pick out what fabric she wanted and then to the party. She was so excited about making something that would be keeping another child warm over the winter.

Brooks' FIRST basketball season

This was the first time Brooks ever showed any interest in playing basketball. He did really well. Didn't really surprise us though, he's good at any sport he plays. Brooks we are very proud of you for doing something that was a little out of your comfort zone and so proud of how you played and gave it your all.