Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break-2013 Hutchinson,KS

Since the weather had taken a turn for the worst and was going to be super cold we decided instead of hanging out inside all week we would take a trip down to see Grandpa Kently in Hutchinson. Kids were SUPER excited about going! We took off in the afternoon of Wednesday when Blake got home from work. Got to Grandpa's house safely. Went out to dinner and to the hotel to get some shut eye. Thursday met up with Grandpa and went out for breakfast. Headed to the Cosmosphere for the day. We have not been there since Bailey was a new born and Brooks was 3 1/2. It was great time! Kids really really enjoyed themselves. The kids got to make icecream made from milk,sugar,half & half and liquid oxygen. Really neat! Of course we got to eat some Space Icecream as well. We took in a Lab show about Dr. Goddard. Got to blow some things up and see how liguid oxygen is so cold it boils, yep boils! Then we took in a movie about Kenya. Bailey made it about 5 minutes and then fell sound asleep. Brooks LOVED it and couldn't stop talking about it. We also went to the observatory. This time i was the one that only lasted about 5 minutes. Not my thing at all. But the kids and Blake really enjoyed. I think Grandpa Kently liked it too! Brooks started saying he didn't feel so good. We left went back to G-Pa's house and hung out for a bit before meeting Kelly and Jarod Madden out for dinner with their kids at Carlo's O' Kelly's. Again Brooks said he didn't feel so hot and didn't even touch his food. But had a great time with his second cousins. It was really great to see and catch up with them. Planned a trip to their house for a weekend this summer! Should be a good time! Got back to hotel and Brooks got in bed right away and said he really didn't feel well and fell asleep. It took a while for Bailey to fall asleep because of her 15 minute nap in the theatre. Finally she fell asleep next to Brooks. Blake and I had all the lights off and both on our phones when wer heard the worst sound come from Brooks. Yep, there was a reason why he said he didn't feel so hot. It all came up all over the bed,floor,dresser,chair,Blake and bathroom. He even managed to get our bed.Ugh! Luckily he was facing away from Bailey and facing toward the floor. Got him cleaned up,the floor and bedding cleaned up. Threw the comforters in the laundry shoot down to the basement where they do laundry and Brooks fell back to sleep. Blake started asking where his phone was and i hadn't seen it. He said he had thrown it down on the bed when Brooks got sick. We both looked at each other and sighed! I laughed and told him i think it was in our comforter that i just threw down to the basement. He took my phone and the girl at the front desk down to the basement and called his phone and sure enough he heard it ringing, barried in the yucky, puked soaked comforter. Dug for it and found it. YUCK!!! But, thank god he found it! Bailey slept through the whole ordeal!!! LOL :) Brooks was super sweet, while standing in the tub washing up he said, " im sorry " i said, " for what honey? " He said, " im sorry that you guys have to clean this up " Poor baby! He was more concerned about us then himself! Right before he layed down in the bed he said, " I feel great !!!!! " Next morning came fast and on too our adventure at the Underground Salt Mine Museum.......

Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Paddy's Day 2013

Kids love dressing up for the holidays. This holiday was no different!

Brooks and indoor soccer

Brooks wanted to play indoor soccer really bad and so we signed him up. Bailey had a game at the same time as Brooks' game but at a different location so Blake took Brooks and i took Bailey. Apperently Brooks froze. He got imbarrassed and started crying and didn't want to play the rest of the game. He was worried he would mess up. :( Poor baby! I got to take him to his second game a few days later while Blake took Bailey to hers and Brooks did AWESOME!!! Like the few days before never happened! Did great! His coach came up to him when we were getting in the truck and told him how proud he was of him and thanked him for giving his all and that he did a great job. Love his coach! Brooks was also goalie. Did an awesome job!! Keep up the great work Brooks!

Bailey's first soccer game

Bailey and Brooks decided that they wanted to play indoor soccer and was a little nervous about it. Bailey fit right in and started playing like she had never missed a season. She did great and she loved that all her friends from school were playing too. Bailey got to be the goalie and loved it. She did a great job. She even blocked several attempted goals on her. Great job Bailey girl. Keep up the hard work! p.s. Bailey made a goal in her first game too!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KU Basketball

We took the kids to their very first KU basketball game. They were very excited about going. Bailey really got into the game. She cheered, put her hands up when they were doing their free thows, really watching and enjoying the band. Brooks made it through the first half then took a little nap on Blakes leg. After the game... we went down and played a few games that they had for the kids to do. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Nana and Poppy for the tickets

Snow Day Two......

Day two of many snow days..... We took the kids to the Levee two three blocks from our house and it was the best hill ( except at the bottom of the hill ). At the bottom of the hill there was a little hill where the kids would slam into when they got to it. We told them to get off the sled before hitting it so they wouldn't get hurt. Brooks couldn't get off his sled in time and jammed his legs into it and jammed his back. It really hurt him. But he recovered quickly and continued sledding! Bailey came down and came off her sled but turned and hit the hill with her back, HARD!! It knocked the breath out of her. So much, that it scared Blake and i pretty bad. Blake carried her over to a long sled, layed her flat and she kept fluttering her eyes and couldn't talk... kept making weird sounds. Thought something was really wrong. Turns out it literally knocked the air out of her and she couldn't catch her breath. She finally did and complained of her back hurting. I brought her home and left the boys at the hill to continue in their fun. Bailey and I came home, made her hot cocoa and put some heat on her back. Her back was sore for several days after. Blake and Brooks stayed for another hour or so and came home. Brooks got to hang out with some classmates out there, he really had a lot of fun! We were happy to have Daddy home with us this day. It is always so much more fun with him with us. The roads were just too bad for him to even make it to the highway. I think he enjoyed being home with us too!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

playing in the snow at night

It started to snow and didn't stop till we had over 12 inches of snow the first day/night. The kids loved it. They couldn't wait to go play in it till the next day so they went out after dark. Blake shoveled the walk and the front porch. The kids made snow angels. Brooks made a facedown angel and Bailey made a regular one! Clark was running around in the snow knocking the kids down. He loved playing in the snow with them! Needless to say, school was cancelled, for several days. Night One....