Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our other kids.... Clark, Molly and " the fish "

Clark is 3 years old now. It was the best decision to get him... he is an amzing dog, friend and great addition to our family. Molly is an awesome cat!! She is sweet, lovey and sometimes very very playful!! She is 4 years old now. " the fish " is actually Brooks' fish that we got him for his birthday a few years back. Bailey took over taking care of it so she decided it was a girl fishy. It is actually a boy. We just decided to call it, " the fish "

1/2 Birthdays

Brooks had his 1/2 birthday Dec. 14 and Bailey's was Jan. 12. We decided to celebrate them before they left their old school, Sunflower. So, the kids wanted Krispy Kreme donuts brought in so i ordered 4 dozen snowmen donuts. Two dozen for each class. They were a big hit, to say the least!! Bailey got herself a special hat. Brooks just got a sign. He got a special hat when he was in Kindergarten. Plus, he never wants me to take his picture. That is why there are a lot more post with Bailey than Brooks. :)

A boy and his best friend....

Brooks and his buddy!

Christmas Day...

I couldn't find any christmas morning pics of the kids opening their gifts. Not sure if they were loaded somewhere else on computer but for now this is all i have. :( Brooks got a hoodie that zips up over his face. He was pretty excited. It is a skeleton/zombie military dude! Bailey girl got a Barbie pool, she was pretty happy. Brooks thought it was pretty cool too. I sat down and played with Bailey and her new Barbies and pool for a while! My parents came down for Christmas later that day. They brought yummy shrimp and steak to grill and all kinds of other yummy food to eat. And of course sparkling cider to drink. Thanks for a great visit, Nana and Papa. Brooks got a game hand made by Papa called Wahoo. Funny cause that is her Daddy's nickname. He also got a golden baseball from the 2012 All Star game at Kauffman Stadium. And a huge Halo lego set! Bailey got a Ken doll. She was really excited cause earlier that morning when she opened her Barbie pool she made the comment, " hey, where's my boy Barbie with Abs?!?!? " Funny thing a few hours later she got her " boy barbie with Abs! " She also got mermaid Barbie and a fish bike helmet. Thanks Nana and Papa!! The pic of me is me with my new hillbilly wine glass!! And the pic of Nana and Papa and the kids is funny cause the kids were pinching Nana's bottom... it was making her jump and laugh! Thanks to the E-Crew for our gifts as well.

kept entertained while packing....

Bailey girl kept herself entertained while I was packing our bedroom. She got ahold of the shot vac and was " cleaning " her hair!! I also got distracted by how stinkin cute she was being and took her pic while she was pouting after eating oreos. I had a little fun with my phone apps and her pic!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve.... one gift to open

Christmas Eve the kids always get to open one gift and it is usually their pajama's but since they had picked out their own this year we decided to let them open up the gifts from Grandpa Kently. Brooks got a pellet gun and Bailey girl got a pink BB gun!!! They were really excited! They asked right away if we could go out the next day to our property and shoot them. So, we did! Bailey could hardly hold her ups. Brooks really really likes his pellet gun, he loves that he doesn't have to cock it everytime you want to shoot it! It was FRIGID that next day so we pulled into our property, opened the back of the truck and let the kids shoot from inside the truck to keep them warm! They were shooting cans we had set up on an old gas grill sitting out there. They are great shots! Brooks and Bailey girl hit the cans! Thank you Grandpa Kently for the guns!

Christmas Tree search....

Two days before Christmas we finally made it out to look for our perfect tree to go in our new living room. We got to go to a tree farm we have never gone to before. We decided it had the best tree's that we have had to choose from in the past. We found the perfect tree after debating over a few other pretty awesome trees. We were the only ones out there. Im guessing that is because it was two days before the big day!! Strapped it to the top of the truck and brought her home. We couldn't find our Christmas decorations, they were all packed away. So we headed down to the local second hand store and found us some great and beautiful decorations. The tree was the prettiest tree we have EVER EVER had!

The BIG move.......

Blake and I decided it was time to make our big move to Osawatomie to be closer to our property so we can start the building process. It was past time to move and it is exciting to start the process. We thought it was a perfect time for the kids to make the transition to their new schools. Bailey is at Swenson Early Childhood. They have all pre-schoolers and Kindergarten in one building and then she will join her brother next year at Trojan Elementary. Their first day was a little scary for all of us. Bailey actually did GREAT. Since she did great i did great. I didn't cry at all. We really like her teacher and her new school. As some of you know we had a lot of problems with Bailey's old teacher. :( We were thankful for this wonderful change for our baby girl! She is MUCH happier!!! Brooks on the other hand was fine till he had to go into his class. He broke down therefore i broke down!! I didn't want to leave him! Called later in the day and he was doing great! Fitting right in like i knew he would!! We moved all the big furniture and big items to new house 5 days before Christmas. A BIG Thank you goes out to Grandpa Kently for coming up and helping, TWICE!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We settled into the new house for our Christmas,trying to make the holidays as normal as possible for the kiddos! Blake and I then took the next week off and of work and finished up packing and moving with a moving truck. We put a lot of it in storage, made many trips to Good Will and rented a dumpster and filled that baby UP!!!! It felt good to go through everything and get rid of so much stuff. Sold and gave away a few things as well. We are happy with our choice to move. The new house is in town on Main St. and so all the parades and activites are right in front of our house! The kids love walking everywhere. We are enjoying trying all the local restaraunts. All very good so far. People are very friendly. Joined the YMCA. Kids have enjoyed having the indoor pool. Blake and I plan on starting to work out more. Well i am... I am going to have to talk Blake into it i think! The man never gains weight!! Grrr!!! :) We are hoping to start on the bridge going across the creek and our driveway. Clearing out trees where our house will sit! We will keep you all updated from here on out of our new adventure!! here is our new address if you don't already have it... 327 Main St. Osawatomie, KS 66064

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas P.J.'s

The kids loved their Christmas P.J.'s I have a pic of them wearing them on my phone but haven't put the pic up yet. I will post on a later date. Caught Bailey wearing her gown several times before that morning! This year i let the kids pick their own design out and what color they wanted their names. Didn't they do a great job?

Visiting Santa

We took the kids to see Santa at a different place this year. We usually head down to fight all the lines and caos at Crown Center but decided to choose the quieter route. Santa was there and was awesome this year. He was very talkative and talked to the kids for probably a good five minutes. The best part for Blake and I was that there was not one person behind us!!!

Gingerbread cookies

We made some gingerbread cookies one night. The kids had a great time making them. I think Bailey got more flour on herself than on her dough but she looks so cute!!

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving..... We had Grandpa Kently come up for the holidsy. Always enjoy his company! The kids love spending time with him! Brooks lost both his front teeth within two days of each other. This will make 4 teeth lost to date. Yes, i know that isn't very many since he is almost 9 but the dentist says he has the most healthy teeth he has seen and the longer he can keep them the better.