Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flower Power

It was flower power week at dance. I surprised Bailey when she got home from school with a homemade flower power tank and skirt and matching shoes! She loved it!! Sometimes those cheap dollar plastic flowers at dollar store are good for something! She was the BEST dressed flower power dancer that week! After dance we went by Walmart and she found her St. Patricks Day wig, that's the green wig you see in the St. Patricks Day post. She just HAD to try it on in the car. She said, " momma, look im Nikki, Nikki Minaque that is!!" not sure if that is how you spell her last name. This girl cracks me up on a daily basis!

St. Particks day

Kids always have dressed up for St. Partrick's Day to school. They went all out this year. Bailey in her green wig and eyebrows instead of a mustache and Brooks in his hat with a mustache. Bailey is also wearing her pj's cause her class had pj day on the same day as St. Patrick's Day. Kinda funny cause she chose to wear her Christmas pj's!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baton lessons

Bailey has showed an interest in Baton twirling. So, I signed her up for a lesson with a highschool girl here that is really good. Bailey loved her lesson and did really well for her first lesson. Hoping to find Grandma Mac's baton for her to use from here on out! She LOVES watching the baton twirler at the KU games. She says that is her favorite part of going to the football games! Maybe one day she will be out there doing that at a football game!

Brooks's 4th grade music program

Brooks had his 4th grade music program. They all did so great. Brooks yawned through half of it though.... Too funny! Brooks' stomach started hurting him really bad about half way through. I thought he was going to start crying! Broke my heart watching him try to just get through the songs. He did and he did a fantastic job! Way to get through that Bubba. Momma and Dad are super proud of you! Thanks to Nana who always makes it out to see the kids at their games and performances!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Blake and I took Brooks and a couple of his buddies out to our propery a couple days later. Bay was at a friends house playing. The boys shot some guns, went exploring all by themselves while mom and dad made a fire and tried to track down and shoot bambi. We never found it again once we got the gun out and it heard that we were looking for it, LOL! Boys eventually came back, didn't ask any questions. I wanted boys to be boys! They took off down the the creek bed and climbed into the dirt. Then we found a vine hanging from one the trees and they all swung on it, even Blake. Blake decided to start shooting at random things while the sun was setting. Got a great picture of him shooting while the sky was ON FIRE!!! Beautiful! They made smores and had boy talk in the private tree hide away!

An evening visit to our land

We take little mini visits out to our property. Kids like to just hang out, do a little shooting and exploring. Blake made them their own little hang out inside the big tree by our campsite. They get their own little firepit too. They love that! Can't have a little visit without some smores.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tests, Tests and more Tests

Brooks had some stomach issues and we had to take him to several doctors and run several tests to see what was wrong. All the testing came out normal, thank goodness but it still didn't explain what was wrong. We finally got a diagnosis that we were happy with. Blake and I did our own research on this new diagnosis and pin pointed what he needed to do to fix all the pain. Brooks was not doing anything outside of the house at one point. It was very sad and heartbreaking to see him in pain all the time. He missed about 2 weeks of school. We gave him the tools to fight through this and we tried to help along the way as much as we could. He is much better now. Problem solved for now..... could come back and could follow him through the rest of his life but we are hoping that won't happen. He is back to his sweet,onery and silly self! We missed that Brooks! So glad that he is well. Afer a visit to the hospital we treated Brooks to Joe's Crab Shack! He wanted crab legs! We weren't going to argue with that choice at all! YUM!

Valentine's Day

Im finally getting caught up on our blog. Made it to Valentine's Day. The kids each had Valentine's Day parties at their school. Kids wanted to make their own Valentine's boxes this year, so we did just that. They each made their own monsters. They turned out pretty cute. They each picked out their own Valentine's cards to make and it turns out they picked the same one. Easier on mom! I took them to a friend of mine that does photography and got some cute Valentines pics too. They all turned out so cute. Brooks was being his silly self. He did pretty good for a 9 year old boy taking Valentine's Day pics! LOL Of course we got the famous Nana & Poppy Valentine's painted box full of goodies. Not sure what she was thinking when she sent furry red handcuffs. Maybe she meant for those to go to Blake and I, LOL! :) Thank you Nana and Poppy for our Valentine's goodies.