Thursday, July 25, 2013

adult night out with new friends....

We had a chance to go out with some of our new friends since we moved and we jumped on it! All the kids were being looked after and having a good time of their own while us adults went out to the ONLY bar we have in town. It isn't the best bar ive been too thats for sure but it was a good time. Us girls did a shot of taquila,yum and I couldn't get a decent picture of the boys if i kept trying. Actually i don't think we got one good picture of anyone exceot Debra and JJ.

Golf Tourney

Blake,Nan,Bill and Tait all played in an anual golf tourney benefiting my best friend and sisiter n law's cousin that past away from a routine shoulder surgery at the young age of 37. His wife was 14 weeks pregnant with their third daughter. It was a perfect day weather wise for the tourney. The kids and I met Blake at the tourney toward the end. The kids went out with them and watched them finish playing. Bill and Blake played pretty well.

L.K. aka Little kitten

Bailey came out of her room and asked for the camera. I let her have it and this is what she was taking a pic of. Our sweet baby kitten sleeping with Bay's dolls!

Bailey Quin turns 6!!!

Can't beleive our baby girl turned 6!!! It just seems like yesterday that she was born! It was a great day. Bailey started her day with opening her cards from Grandpa Kently and Great Grandpa and Nanny from Texas. Thank you for the cards and money! She then decided it was time to open her gift from her cousins in Texas. Thank you E-Crew for the light up salon. She loves it! Bailey wanted a pink flamingo cake so that is what Bailey got! It turned out pretty cute! She wanted a light pink one so i added alittle bright pink to border it so it would pop! The legs were made out of pink licorice. We went on our birthday tradition bowling outing that afternoon with friends. Kriersin, Gavin and Averi. The kids wanted to play games in the arcade and i told them no, but i would buy all of them ONE thing out of the quarter machines and they all decided on mustaches. It was so funny. They all put them on and we did a photo op right there in the arcade room! Came home and waited for all of Bailey's friends to show up so we could all head back to the city for her Skating party. I had 6 six year olds in the car with me. Oh my goodness was that interesting! We met Daddy, Nana and Papa and Nana and Poppy there. Two of Bailey's friends from the city met us there too. Brooks decided he wanted to hang out at a friends house instead of with a bunch of girls. DO YOU BLAME HIM ?!?! The skating party was a lot of fun. The girls each had a thing called , a " trainer " to help them stay up right. Averi was the only one that didn't use one. There was a lot of fallling down, laughing and screaming. It was a great time! Had cake and drinks then opened presents. Bailey got a ton of Barbie stuff. She was in heaven. She got an awesome snow cone maker with all the syrups and cups and straws to go with from her Nana and Papa! Thank you!! And she got a microphone with a stand from her Nana and Poppy! She also got a very verty special gift from Nana and Poppy. Her first dancing, musical ballerina jewelry box. Thank you Nana and Poppy! All in all it was a great day! Happy Birthday Bailey girl! We love you very much and hope you have a great year being 6!! 1st grade here she comes!