Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Kick-Off.....

Our town had a Christmas kick off celebration all day Saturday. We took the kids in the morning to eat some pancakes for a fundraiser for the Rotary Club. But before we left our house Bailey starts screaming, " SANTA, SANTA, SANTA " Sure enought he was going by in a huge sleigh. Pulled by horses instead of reindeer of course. Because the reindeer are still resting up and getting ready for their Christmas Eve Trip around the world. Ate some great pancakes and sausage. Had a meet and greet with Santa and then took a ride in his sleigh down Main St. Then we headed to all the stores downtown to drop our names in a bag for a big drawing at the end of the day. It was fun to go into each store and meet all the owners. I pretty much knew all the stores but i guess i didn't realize we have a great place that you can get massages. Good to know!! We then went to the Highschool where they had both gyms full of craft tables. Bought a few things here and there and came across what we think we are going to get Poppy for Christmas. Headed home for a little bit then back up to Auditorium for the drawings. They gave alot of things away and about 75 free turkey/ham certificates. The big prizes were a 50 inch TV and a girls and boys bikes. We won three turkey/ham certicates. That will do just fine! We gave one to a single mother we know that her daughter is friends with Bailey. Good people! She works all the time and hard and she deserved it for sure! After that they had the owner of the small grocery store we have here in town, Moons, IGA read "night before Christmas" to all the kids up on stage. In the pic you can see Blake in the back and Bailey sitting in the front with a black and white striped shirt on. Brooks was too cool to sit and listen to it so he was up with his friends playing around. We all went outside for the lighting of the Mayor's tree and the lights for downtown. Was a great day!


I made Blake one of his favorites the other night. Yep, a big ole Reuben. He was in heaven. The house smelled really good. They were so good. They were so big that he only had one. Usually he would eat two. I made the Reuben Russian dipping sauce for it. It is yummy too!


Brooks turned to me and asked, " hey Mom, what does this spell? " I said, " don't know, what? " He said, " the word "WOW" " That was pretty good Brooks! I guess this is a new thing all the boys are doing at school cause when i posted it on my Instagram another mom with a boy in Brooks' class said that he tried to do this in their family "silly" pic the other day.

Star Of The Week

Bailey Quin was the Star Of The Week. She colored a poster of things about her. She refused to take a picture holding it so i just took a pic of it by itself. It was one of those days! :) She took to school to show her friends an empty turtle shell we found on our land in the dirt, pretty cool. Her favorite book, " Alice and Wonderland". She took something pink because that is her favorite color. She is a STAR everyday in this house! Job well done on your poster, Bailey girl! We love you!

girl in a hat

Bailey loves hats just like her momma! So, now that it is cold here, we were getting her hats out. I found one that we had just bought not that long ago. Then i came across several more. She has a Zebra, Kitty and a frog hat now. Im thinking she needs an Owl added to her collection. Maybe a gift for her stocking! This was the other morning and she was being extra silly, so i took a few pics of her. I edited one. Love how spunky this girl is. Love that she already has a good style sense when it comes to her clothes and i love that she poses without being told! Silly Bailey Quin!

The Dentist visit

It was time for our 6 month check ups. The kids actually really enjoy going to the dentist. They make it pretty fun for them. Too bad they don't have something like that for adults! When Brooks was getting his teeth cleaned, Bailey was standing guard making sure he was being takin care of the right way! She loves the dentist office. She always ends up with floss and some rubber gloves from the tech so she can practice on the stuffed animals with BIG teeh they have there for the kids to play with. Great reports for both kids, as always! Bailey sported some glasses they offered her when she said the light was too bright! She is stylin! Each kids gets a goodie bad with a balloon, a token to get a price and a cup of sugar free yougurt icecream at the end of the visit, rought i know!!! Brooks got a blonde mustache. Thought he looked alot like his Papa!


Pumpkin was all curled up infront of the heater. She had her paw over her face keeping the heat off of it. Silly kitty!

Bailey and Charlea

We took one of Baileys friends to school with us one morning, when her mommy couldn't. She brought Bailey a necklace that her mommy's makes for her taking her to school. So sweet. Bailey loved it. Charlea said she picked it out herself. It actually went really well with what Bailey was wearing even though the necklace is a little Christmasy. Charlea was sporting a necklace too! Such pretty girls!

Leopard vest

Some of our friends daughters got this vest and i wanted to get Bailey girl one. We checked the store they were at and couldn't find them. so, we checked another one and another one and another one. No luck. I asked my mom to start checking these stores as well. It was weird, like they had just vanished. Finally Nana found one and got it for Bailey. Bailey was so happy! Thanks Nana for helping us find this vest and thank you for getting it for her! She loves it! And she looks pretty darn cute if i do say so myself!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Family time....

Saturday we took the kids to the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory. They have all kinds of cats. It is pretty cool. We got to see them feed all the cats. They get fed a lot of meat everyday in the afternoon. The little cats get fed in the morning. They also had two wolves. One white and one gray and white. They were brother and sister. The brother was the biggest out of the two but he was the most skittish. They were really like dogs. They were super sweet and the care taker kept reaching through the fence to pet them and kiss them. They came up to her and rubbed their backs up against the fence for her to pet them more. Very sweet. The two lions ( one male one female ) was given the most to eat. They had Bangel tigers Siberian tigers. The Bangels were white. They were beautiful!! Bailey was excited when she realized she has a Bangel tiger sitting on her bed, and yes it almost as big as her bed too. We then went for a drive in the country to find some mud to go muddin in. We found one road with muddy water. I got out and took some picks of Blake taking the kids through it. We followed road down a ways and found a low water crossing with water running pretty fast over it. We got out and played in water a bit and the kids played in the mud. Don't worry we didn't let them get out in the fast flowing water. Headed back to some pretty driving on dirt roads and enjoyed admiring God's awesome work. The trees were beautiful colors and the sky was blue with the sun shining! Headed home, showered, changed clothes and headed to a movie with some friends. Took the kids to see " Free Birds " Cute movie. What a fantastic day just spending time together!