Saturday, September 29, 2012

Undefeated Bulldogs......

Bulldogs went undefeated in their spring season. AWESOME JOB, BOYS!!!! Great season Brooks Eric. What an amazing baseball player you have become! So proud of you! Brooks' team didn't lose one game this season. They each got a medal and then the team won the BIG trophey!! This was their last season to play maching pitch. Fall season will be a new adventure for them. Kid pitch! Should be interesting!!! So excited to watch the boys pitch and be pitched too!

Bailey girl turns 5 !!!!!

Our sweet angel turned 5 this year. Doesn't seem possible! What a beautiful, smart, brave, sweet and funny, funny girl!! We had a rainbow cake for her birthday day. Nana and Papa brought her over a gift or two and earlier in the day I took the kids with some friends bowling! We haven't had her birthday party yet....... it will be coming later in the year. It will be a skating party. She is really excited about it!! Happy 5th Birthday, Bailey Quin. Thank you to the cousins in Texas for the awesome birthday gift and to Nana and Poppy too! She had a great birthday!!

Filed Trip = Kansas City Aquarium

Took a little field trip with Bailey's summer camp school to the new Kansas City Aquarium. It was a lot of fun. Short but fun. The kids really enjoyed themselves. It was fun to go on field trips with Bailey. I have gone on many with Brooks but this was Bailey's first field trip! Some of the pics are pretty dark, they would yell at you if you kept your flash on on your camera. I kept mine on anyway. ( probably doesn't shock most of you that i broke a rule ) But, I payed money for her to go there and i was going to get some decent pictures! Bailey was the only one not wearing a green shirt. Her and i met her class down at Crown Center.

Summer Day with cousins ( went to their pool )

The kids and I went to their cousins pool one day. It has a lot more things to do than our pool. All the kids had a great time. Brady, Jalyn and Emery are my brother, Chris' kids. Their family lives in Spring Hill, Kansas about a half hour from us.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fourth Of July.....

The night before the 4th, we met my brother, Chris and his family in Paola to watch their firework show over the lake. It was beautiful. For the Fourth of July, Lenexa, the city we live in always has a parade the morning of. It is just a few blocks from our house so we always enjoy walking to it. This year both kids got to ride their bikes. We sat and watch a wonderful parade. Then went to the VFW to show the kids what it was all about and eat some good food. we then spent the afternoon at the pool.For some reason i only have pics of Brooks at the pool. Bailey and Blake were there, I promise!! LOL! That night we went out to watch the fireworks in Olathe. About 10 minutes from our house.