Monday, November 21, 2011

New Truck for Daddy and Mushroom Rock...

We took an unplanned trip to Hays to get Blake a new truck. His broke down in Topeka and it will cost more to fix it than the truck is worth. Something that needs to be fixed in the motor. So, we took a trip to Hays and hung out with Nana and Poppy. We always like hanging out there. We always have a good time. The kids really like to go to the Museum they have there. They can go there multiple times during our visit. They never get tired of it.
We got Blake a 4Runner truck that he has been wanting. He is very excited about it! On our way home we stopped by Mushroom Rock Park. They were pretty neat! The kids enjoyed climbing and playing in all the mole hills. It was a good half way point and a good way to stretch our legs and let the kids wear themselves out!


  1. New truck huh? Will have to get used to seeing Blake in this. Hopefully we will remember it is him.


  2. Im sure he will honk like usual if you don't wave at him..... he is kinda silly like that ya know!!! :)