Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day....

Bailey is trying to jump in her daddy's boots....
she didn't get very high!!!
Brooks and his Grandpa Kently
The girl is silly. It warmed up a little bit and she plays in a swimsuit outside. She wears the hat to keep the wind off her face, she says!

never seen a prettier turkey!
Blake and his bird

We had a fun Thanksgiving! We had Blake's dad, Kent here from Hutchinson. It was nice to have our day spent here at our house instead of having to load up the car and head to someone elses house for the day. I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner,ever! I have to say it really went well. I didn't burn anything. It wouldn't be a day of cooking without me cutting myself at least once. It wasn't as bad as my mothers day cut when i put a knife through my hand and ended up with stitches.
Blake was in charge of the turkey. We grilled/smoked it and it turned out amazing! Great job honey and Kent. We ate alittle later in the afternoon so we didn't eat dinner. Everyone was stuffed full and since it was a holiday the kids just vegged out on donuts and nuts. You gotta let your kids be kids sometimes,right?!
I am going out around midnight to do some shopping and hopefully getting to sleep in alittle bit tomorrow. We are heading out tomorrow to cut down our christmas tree. Pics to come later...
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for the family i have and the love and fun we share with each other! ( sorry about the pics being out of order, I am still trying to remember to upload them in the right order, maybe next time )

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  1. Looks like a great day for you!
    We had Ken's Dad and brother over and we'll see the rest tomorrow.
    Come by Dreaming sometime.