Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Sweet Mamaw

Mamaw sleeping with her gift on top of her.
Bailey is helping Mamaw open her socks
The kids were so proud of giving her her gift!
Bailey and Mamaw
Brooks and Mamaw

Quinton playing Barbie's with Bailey. Now that is an awesome cousin!
Bailey girl helping Mamaw get back to her room! What a good helper!
We went over to my mom's ( Nana and Papa's ) to visit Mamaw and give her her Christmas gift. When the kids walked back to her room, she was sleeping. By the time i got back there they had layed her gift on top of her while she was sleeping and they were just standing there telling me to,"Shhh, she's sleeping!!" Silly kids. We woke her up and she opened her gift. Her favorite color is lavender and so we got her some lavender fleece p.j. pants and a purple shirt to match and some really really really soft socks!!!! She loved them all. The kids ended up staying and playing at Nana's for a couple of hours. Three of their other cousins were there and all the kids wanted to play together! Blake and I got to hang out in the peace and quiet for a couple of hours before picking them up. The kids had a great time. We love our Mamaw. She is my Grandmother and the kids Great Grandmother.

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