Friday, December 30, 2011


Cole hit the jackpot on his tickets, i think he got 130 on this one.
Then Brooks hit the jackpot!
The boys scored big on tickets today!
Brooks, Bailey and Cole
Round and around and around we go.....................

Roller coaster time.....

We had a great time at Zonkers today. Met some friends there to play games, ride rides and jump in the bounce house! Ate pizza and hung out. It is always a treat to go to Zonkers. The kids love it! It is hard to take pics of the kids on the rides while the rides are going, they are just too fast! Bailey's favorite ride is a ride that goes around and around and around then around backwards over and over again. Not sure how she does it!We all get sick just sitting and watching her ride time and time again! Brooks and Coles favorite thing to do was to play games and win as many tickets as they could! I think they did a pretty good job of that today. Brooks got about 350 and Cole won about 550.