Monday, January 30, 2012

Brooks on his surgery day....

Brooks' name band on his ankle
sissy didn't want to leave his side
boys are happy campers with a DS to play
getting vitals taken, got weighed... he is 55lbs now!
Dr. Jiang marking Brooks' hands for surgery while chatting it up about Skylanders
Bailey got a doll to color! Poor baby has a fever
Brooks got to take his wolf into surgery with him
hangin out together
home and resting
in recovery, Sissy taking care of her Bubba
heading back to surgery
looking at pics of the OR before surgery
all marked up and ready to go........

Just have to say that i haven't quit figured out how to upload these pics in the right order, sorry.
Brooks was so brave. We went in to the hospital this morning for Brooks' surgery. It was a very early morning. We had a few roadblocks too. Bailey went to bed last night with a high fever, so we had to take her with us. Blake forgot he had Jury Duty this morning.... Thank God they let him miss it. Brooks met with Dr. Dr. circled all his warts and the one high risk mole on his hand. Then we found another wart on his foot. The Dr. also told Brooks he would take out the splinter that Brooks got playing at a friends house yesterday. What a great Dr. We like Dr. Jiang, especially Brooks cause they were just chatting it up about Skylanders video games and all it's characters. Brooks went into surgery and had to breathe in some gas to put him to sleep. He chose Bubble Gum flavor for his gas. He said he counted to 47 then went to sleep!!!He is home and well. It is funny cause Brooks and Bailey are sitting on floor watching a movie and Blake is laying on the couch sound asleep. Go figure!!!

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  1. Sounds like all went well with the surgery--glad to hear this.
    On the pics--last is first and first is last.
    Load your last one first, the next, etc. until you are at the first pic.