Friday, January 13, 2012

Surgery Is Scheduled....

Brooks went to the plastic surgeon today and was told that he can have the mole removed off of the palm of his hand. We are ready to get this thing removed! Brooks is high risk for Cancer if he keeps this mole on his hand. So, we decided the winter time was the best time to get it taken off since he isn't doing any winter sports. The Dr. said that he will be put under for the surgery and it shouldn't take long at all. They will then send it off to be looked at. The Dr. offered to remove Brooks' warts that he has on his hands/fingers while he is under. Hope that will be the end of those as well. Brooks was pretty nervous going to the Dr.'s today but after him and the Dr. started talking about Skylanders they were best buds and Brooks' nerves went away! Surgery is in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Good luck with this! Hope all goes well and we will keep everyone in our prayers.
    Keep us posted.