Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Brooks' party
leading the congo line.....
class clown as always

that is a lot of Valentine's
Whoopie Pie's I made for Brooks' party
Bailey Q's party, they had a Valentine's P.J. party!
eating lots of treats!
Bailey and Tessa, best buds!
Q's Valentine's cards
B-Rooks' Valentine cards
Bailey and her puppy she got from Cupid
Cupid brought Brooks a puppy too!

It was a good day. Bailey's party was first, this morning. She had a great party. They had treats, LOTS of treats, watched a movie and then handed out their Valentine's to everyone! Then home to finish making Brooks' class their treats. I made them Valentine's Whoopie Pies. They turned out pretty cute. They had a great party as well. lots of treats, fruit kabobs and then they passed out their Valentine's. Boy, do 2nd graders get a lot of Valentine's. They played a few games. One was freeze dance. Brooks ended up starting a congo line during one dance. Funny kids!! The clown that Brooks is, he wore the glasses that his Nana and Poppy got him today and the kids got a good laugh.
Mommy got King Crab legs brought home along with shrimp for her Valentine's dinner. Yummo! It was the first time the kids had had crab and they loved it!
I had made some chocolate covered strawberries for the fam for dessert.
Thanks Nana and Papa for bringing over fun Valentine's baggies full of fun and yummy things!
Thanks again Nana and Poppy for all the Valentine treats!
Thanks Cupid for making it to our house even through the snow storm!

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  1. Looks like a very fun day for you. Cupid was a good boy.