Saturday, February 4, 2012

Medicine Galore.....

sick babies
What our day consisted of, add Delsum and a couple more antibiotics to the mix!!

Bailey finally fell asleep.

She doesn't even know it, the way she has her hand is great cause she is catching her drool.

Poor babies, Brooks was on about three different kinds of meds and Bailey was on two or three. Brooks had his because of his hand surgery. I took Bailey into the Dr. the third day of a temp. that i couldn't get to break and a bad cough. Sure enough she had the beginning of some crackles on her right side, pneumonia.
Update: Brooks is doing great. He doesn't like not being able to play kickball at recess and having to sit out for gym class but he only has about a week left of that. He gets his stitches out on the 1oth. His hands are looking pretty good for all the holes he has in them!!! Still manages to play his video games!
Bailey girl is doing much better. She still has a cough but not as bad as before. Things are lookin on the brighter side here in the Madden household!

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  1. Glad to hear that things are getting better.
    So much is going around, I just hope it stays away for us!