Thursday, February 16, 2012

playin with the boys!!!

she was saying, " where are you guys, im comin to get ya!!"
better pic of her new hair cut!

This one cracks me up...... she was armed and ready!!!! Watch out boys, here she comes!!!!

Brooks had a friend over to play after school today. It was so nice and warm out that they were outside the rest of the afternoon. Bailey girl was out there with them playing some shooting game, bad and good guys. She was the bad guy and the boys were hiding from her. She cracks me up. She was walking around trying to find them wearing her night vision glasses and her gun. Brooks came around the corner and shot her and she just fell to the ground like nothin and played dead.
She plays so well with the boys! She is miss priss but at the same time she is a tomboy! Love that about her!
I would have gotten pics of the boys too but they weren't standing still long enough to get one that wasn't blurry!

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