Friday, March 23, 2012

Preschool Pal Day

making her binoculars
looking at one of Sunflowers water features in the school!
creating her sunflower
enjoying her frosting!
pooring her own applejuice, all the kids love these miniture pitchers
" I see you "
eating lunch with Bubba
being silly with Bubba

Bailey had her last preschool pal day until she starts Kindergarten in the fall. She still has a Kindergarten round up, which she is very excited about!
Today the kids got to make binoculars for their "sunflower" hunt. They walked thru the school and when they found a sunflower, it would have a clue for the next one on it. They got to explore the whole school.
They came back and made a sunflower and added real sunflower seeds in the middle of it! Super cute!
They had a snack that they could make a sunflower with a sugar cookie, frosting,candy corn for the pedals and real unshelled sunflower seeds for the middle of the flower.
Bailey just ate the frosting, at ta girl!!!!
It was a fun day. She got to eat lunch with Brooks as well. She loves being able to eat with her Bubba and all the other big kids!

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