Monday, April 16, 2012

Bank Midwest Showdown Tournament ( second day )

The way they set these tourney's up is not to our liking. The boys won both their games the first day and lost their first game the second day. The team they played the second day had lost BOTH of their games the day before, yet they moved on cause they won against us on the second day. Single loss elimination sucks!!!

So, they Bulldogs will move onto the next tournament. We have a week off and then tournament time!! Brooks' first regular season game is this Sunday evening. Unfortunately i will miss it due to work that night. :( Not happy about that!

Very Proud of Brooks and his team. Let's Go Bulldogs, Let's Go!!!

We are still waiting for info on Bailey's T-Ball team. We still don't know what team she is on and if her and her B.F.F., Audrey are going to be on the same team or not. Crossing our fingers!! Can't wait to watch her play. It will be very entertaining!! She is very excited about it!!

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