Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in Arkansas

watching their dvd players on the way down
watching daddy put together the lantern
playin in the creek first thing in the morning
our view from our tent, not too shabby huh?
helping dad start a fire

the lake and weather were just beautiful and perfect

first catch of the day ( first ever )
second catch of the day ( first ever )

love this pic, one of my favorites from the trip
only a boy would make a gun from a fishing pole.

mom putting a worm on Bailey's hook
baiting Brooks' hook with another worm

Bailey hangin out in her undies, she fell into the water
Daddy teaching Brooks how to hold onto a fish
Daddy looks so pretty with that Barbie fishing pole
a bunch of butterflies just hangin out together

playin fetch
man and his best friend taking a stroll through the campground

giving mom a panic attack ( one of many )

our view from White Rock Mountain.

Best buds

catching butterflies
best buds
coloring our Easter eggs

found a swing in the woods!

our lil catcher
playin ball
raining, so we are watching a movie in the tent
Clark passed out while it was raining
he has a "ruff" life
Easter Bunny found us....

Bailey walking the neighbors dog, Peanut!

We headed down to Arkansas for our Easter weekend. We had a great time. The kids had a blast.
Brooks said and i quote." this is so much funner than watching T.V. and playing video games!!"
We usually go down to the Buffalo River and camp but this time we decided to go somewhere a little different. Shores Lake. It is beautiful there. We were surrounded by really tall beautiful Pines. It was very quiet and there weren't but a handful of campers there with us.
We were lucky enough to have a creek running right beside our campsite. Kids loved it but i think Clark loved it the most. This was Clark's first trip with us to Arkansas. He was in heaven. We hardly put him on a leash. He was so good! It was good to have him there!
The first day we went fishing, kids got new poles. Brooks a Spiderman and Bailey a Barbie pole. We bought some live worms at a local homeowner that sells them from her house. Interesting!
The first 5 minutes Brooks caught the first fish. Then not a few minutes later Bailey caught her first one!
We then took a break from fishing and drove to White Mountain. It was beautiful. Blake and i have been there before but not with the kiddos. The kids liked laying down and looking over the edge of the cliffs. I on the other hand DID NOT like them doing that so much. I had one of many panic attacks. So bad at times that i was almost in tears. That stuff just scares me to death. All it takes is one trip of losing their balance! Blake, on the other hand, is a little more comfortable with it. He still keeps a really good eye on them but doesn't seem to have such a hard time breathing like Mommy does.
The next day the kids wanted to go fishing again so we took them fishing. On the way there we had stopped by the small store and picked up a few things. We got the kiddos each a butterfly net to catch butterflies that fly all over around the area that we fish.
While we were setting up, Blake and the kids were running around in a small open low grass area that had a little bit of water in it trying to catch butterflies. Blake left the kids playing and came over by me. We then here Brooks and Bailey and two other little girls that they had become friends with that day screaming and running and saying, " SNAKE,SNAKE,SNAKE!!!!!!!"
We ran over there along with two other men and it was a HUGE cottonmouth snake. Very aggressive and poisonous snake. Apparently, Brooks had stepped right over the top of it when he saw the head come up at him. We are all so lucky that he didn't get bit. None of us know how he didn't get bit. Luckily he had his rain boots on so if he had it probably would have only penetrated the boot, we hope!!! Could have been a totally different outcome if he had gotten bit. Scary stuff! We weren't able to get a pic of the dead snake cause one of the men had tossed on the woods and i wasn't going to go try to find it!
Later that day we noticed we had a flat tire and had to drive into town to get it fixed. 8 bucks they charged us. That is about half of what it costs here in Kansas City!
We had become friends with some campers that were across the road from our campsite. They had three girls. The kids rode bikes, played in the creek and walked the dogs together. Blake and I went out and played baseball with the kids in the road between he campsites! It was a lot of fun!
We then colored our Easter eggs that evening. It started to rain and we camped out for a while in the tent watching a movie on the kids DVD players. Rough camping life,huh?!!! :)
We were not able to our egg hunt till we got home that Sunday due to all the mud and everything being so wet. The Easter Bunny did find the kids car seat nests and put all their things in the van to keep everything dry!
All in all we had a GREAT and FUN time!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Glad the snake didn't bite Brooks or anyone else!!