Saturday, May 19, 2012


Brooks played his 6th game of the regular season right after Bailey's game. Bulldogs played an amazing game. All the boys came out to play some ball today!!!! They all had their heads in the game and their bats were on fire!!! They won 27-4. GO BULLDOGS!! It was a good good day to be at the ball fields! At Brooks game instead of rain we had wind gusts! The rain had moved out and skies cleared but we all came home with  a lot of dirt in our teeth and ears. We were basically covered in dirt!
They played their best game yet!

warming up

your up!!

way to be focused!

They are 6-0 for the season. They have about 8 more games in the regular season left and then the playoffs. They still have a few tournaments to play in, which will only make them better players for their regular season games. Brooks made some great hits and he played third base the whole game because the kid that usually plays third was gone today. Brooks fielded a few balls and caught a fly ball!!! He says he likes playing third. I think the other kid has some competition!! GREAT GAME BROOKS!!! Nana and Grandpa Kently were at Brooks' game as well. He always likes when people can make it out to watch him play!

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