Monday, May 28, 2012

Larger Garden and new location....

Well it is that time of year again. And what a glorious time of year it is! One of my favorites! Time to plant our family garden. This year we are growing corn, green beans, red and white onions, potatoes, cucumbers ( momma's favorite ), cantaloupe ( Bailey's favorite ), watermelon, radishes ( Blake's favorite ), okra ( Brooks' favorite ), tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. YUMMO!!

We had a small garden last year but we learned that it just didn't get enough sun so we moved it a new location in our yard. It is much larger. Can't wait to see this garden growing our fresh veggies. Love veggies right out of the garden and Blake and I love teaching our kiddos that they can grow and eat their food right from their backyard. It is a lot of fun for them to plant and then watch the veggies grow. We actually found a carrot still growing in the ground when we went to till the soil. Bailey brought it inside, washed it off and ate it! Love that!

Thanks Daddy for working so hard to get our soil ready for us to plant the veggies. You did all the hard work and you are appreciated!!!

corn stalk

                                                              all our new corn stalks!

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