Monday, May 28, 2012

Oklahoma for Mamaw's Memorial Service...... on to New Mexico....

Well, We headed out Friday afternoon to Noble Oklahoma for Mamaw's Memorial Service. We spent the evening at Aunt Gingers and Uncle Bobby's house visiting with family and friends. Some we had never met before and some we just hadn't seen in ages. Off to the hotel for the night and then had a beautiful and touching Memorial Service for Mamaw and celebrated her life. Thanks Nan and Bill for sending the most beautiful flowers. They were all purple and lavender. Mamaw would have loved them! They actually got put up front next to one of her pictures!
We weren't going to go on to New Mexico for the burial but decided to last minute. So glad we did. I just wouldn't have been able to live with myself if i hadn't have been there. Plus, when are we ever going to be in New Mexico again? Probably not for a long time! We actually drove right by where Papaw used to work on the way back from the cemetery and told the kids that he used to work there along time ago!!! He worked at the Port of Entry on the border of Texas and New Mexico, Texico New Mexico.

Mamaw and Papaw are buried where his parents and siblings are buried. It was a beautiful day!

The kids got their pics taken at the Oklahoma sign, Texas sign and New Mexico sign! Pretty cool for them. We are going to make a book at the end of summer about what all we did and where we went this summer.

It was a very long trip in the car but NOT ONCE did the kids complain!! They were just AWESOME!!! They got along the entire time and no fighting at all. Unheard of.......... it got a little loud but we will take that over fighting any day.

being silly

feeding the horses apples at Gigi's house in Oklahoma

5 out of 8 cousins

Brooks gave this to me during the Memorial Service, so sweet

sibling love

really cool barn off of the highway in Texas

Clovis, New Mexico

Uncle Mike preaching at cemetary

                                                   all the great grandkids signed this cross for Mamaw and Papaw

                                          grandkids putting flowers in the ground with Mamaw and Papaw

                                         Port of Entry where Papaw worked many years ago

                                                     New Mexico

                                               KANSAS!!!!!!! Wave The Wheat!!!!!

We got to drive through some neat old towns. Blake took some off the beaten path roads home. I never know how that choice is going to go but it usually always ends up worth not driving on the freeway.

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