Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Bailey has her very first T-Ball practice on Monday night. It is time to start shuffling the kids sports schedules now. Brooks had b-ball practice from 5:30-8 and Bailey had T-Ball practice from 6:30-7:30. That would be all good but mom had to work that night. So, Dad was on his own!!! He managed just fine! Brooks got a ride home from one of his team mates after his practice.
From what i hear, Bailey had a fantastic first practice. Blake said that all the parents were raving about how well Bailey did for her first practice!!! Go BAILEY!!! I don't have any pics to post cause i wasn't there to take them but i will have some pics to post from her 1st game this Saturday! So excited! Brooks has a game that day as well. Love being at the ball fields! Bailey's team name is "ROYALS"!
Bailey is only one of three girls on her team! Should be interesting!


I stand corrected...... Daddy did take some pics! I forgot to mention that Bailey BFF, Audrey is on her team! They are two of three girls on the team!

Bailey and Audrey

                Bailey and Audrey being silly, a kid hit the ball when they were in the middle of making silly faces to the camera and the ball went right between them!

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