Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bulldogs = Undefeated!!!!

Dad proudly watching his son!

About to make an out on third


Pops giving advice

taking down Coach Dallas

Enjoying their 14 game wins!!

was going to dump water on Coach Dallas and he turned it around on the boys!!!

Bulldogs are undefeated for the season! WAY TO GO BULLDOGS!!!! Outstanding season! The boys have improved so much from the beginning of the season to now. So proud of them!!! Brooks had an outstanding season. He won three game balls and one tournament ball. Way to go Brooks! The Bulldogs will be playing in the playoffs starting July 12-16. Let's hope we bring home the BIG MONSTER trophey.
This next season, the boys will be done with machine pitch and will be pitching themselves. Scary but exciting! We have heard that it slows down the game considerably. So, we will see!!!!

p.s. those of you waiting on the Colorado pics, they are coming..... soon.

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