Friday, June 8, 2012

MVP'S of the Big League Chew Summer Slam Tournament

Brooks and Matt both got the MVP balls for this tournament. Couch Ray gives out a ball at the end of each tournament. Best Buddies, each got a tournament ball. GREAT JOB, Brooks and Matt! Had to take these pics a week later at last nights games cause i didn't have my camera with me. :( Poor Brooks had Strep and wasn't feeling well. We actually ended up taking him to Urgent Care right after he had played both games and then started complaining of his throat huring really bad. So bad he was in tears! I knew it was bad if he was crying. The boy never gets sick either. So, sure enough it was Strep!! Yuck. He started on his meds last night and is already feeling better today. Crossing my fingers none of the other teammates get it.
The boys had a double header last night. They won both of them!!!! So PROUD of all of them! GO BULLDOGS!!! They are 8-0. We played the top two teams that were under us. So, hopefully that means the rest of the season is a win and there is a CHAMPIONSHIP win in our future! Never know though........ GOOD LUCK BULLDOGS!! Keep up the good work!

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