Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Colorado Vacation (Fourth Day): On to Dillon and Winter Park and an ER visit

The morning of our fourth day in Colorado we packed up camp and headed to Dillon to spend a couple of nights in a hotel. Ahhhhh, it was nice to know that we were going to be sleeping in warm beds. Camping was great, but it got a bit chilly at night (down into the upper 30's). Once we arrived at the hotel, the kids didn't waste any time putting on their swimsuits and heading to the pool. The pool was inside a sunroom with a beautiful view of the mountains.
After swimming we headed out for dinner. The grandson of the hotel owners, who had been swimming with us, recommended Jersey Boys Pizza. We sat outside and enjoyed some of the best pizza.
When we were done eating, we took a drive down along Dillon Lake where we found a nice, new playground and an amazing view of the lake. While the kids played, Blake and I sat on a bench overlooking the lake and enjoyed watching the sailboats glide across the water. One beautiful evening!
We returned to the hotel and walked across the parking lot to the Dillon Dam Brewery. After having a beer, we headed back to let the kids play on the playset outside of the hotel. Bailey, like always, needed to take her shoes off to play (note: we told her no, that she needed to wear her shoes while playing outside). Blake and I sat on patio of the hotel enjoying the sunset. Without us seeing, Bailey took her shoes off to play in the sandbox. After Blake headed up to our room, Bailey walked up to me in shock, not screaming or crying, but holding her foot. I looked to see what was wrong. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She had a huge slice of wood embedded in the bottom of her big toe, the entire length. Not pretty. I thought it was going to be just a splinter, but I was so wrong. I called Blake from the phone at the front desk. We ran her upstairs and put her in a bath thinking it would calm her down, soften the skin, and allow us to get it out. Wrong. She became hysterical and would not allow us to touch her, not even mommy! We had no other option but to take her to the emergency room in Frisco, a fifteen minute drive. When it came time for the doctor to remove the "splinter", Brooks and I left the room and left Blake with Bailey. Although I can deal with a lot of things because of my job, when it comes to my kids, I can't hold them down. I'm not strong enough physically, nor mentally. I even cry when they get their shots at the pediatricians office. It was a good thing I left because Blake had to lay Bailey down on her tummy and lay on her so they could get that piece of wood out! And although it took the doctor only a few seconds, Brooks and I could hear Bailey screaming from the waiting room. Poor baby girl! But once it was out, Bailey recovered immediately and was ready to go.
The next day we headed to Winter Park's Adventure Park.

Winter Park here we come..................

An Antelope that was standing right next to our tent area 

 flowers in front of our hotel in Dillon

 Brooks standing on water

 pizza time! It was delicious

 this was the best playground we have ever played on!!

 Daddy even like it!

playin together

our climber...
 he made it to the top, no problem
 mommy and daddy enjoying a drink

 the piece of wood that just got pulled out of Bailey's little toe
big brother playing Dr.

 sister playing along!  
feeling better 

thank goodness for pink bear being there! 

Winter Park Adventure Park! 

It was a gorgeous day.... 

Bailey climbing like a champ
Bailey jumping on trampoline  

This was Brooks' favorite thing to ride,not sure why.... it made us sick just watching him ride it!
Brooks called this the " Hamster Ball "

Brooks riding sky lift all by himself

Alpine Slide
Blake trying to catch Brooks
Brooks racing down the FAST lane!!

Daddy and Bailey on Alpine Slide
Bailey loved going FAST!!!

Mommy's turn



Bailey girl

Brooks waiting his turn to jump on trampoline

Brooks flipping
over and over again....
Riding back to our car after a wonderful, fun filled day!

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