Thursday, October 25, 2012

surveying the land.......

Well, we all decided to head out to our land with Grandpa Kently for Blake to survey our land. It saves us about 5 grand doing it ourselves. Thank goodness Blake is a civil engineer! It didn't start off good though. After about 2 minutes of being there we saw a dog get hit on the highway. It wasn't pretty. It stunk that the kids had to see that.The dog did not make it, but it didn't suffer either. We were able to find the owners pretty quickly. :( The rest of the day went pretty good, long but good. Spent the next 5 hours walking around, exploring and trying to keep up with lil miss explorer herself, Bailey. Grandpa Kently took us down in the creek bed. We actually did not see ONE snake. Thank goodness! The next day we all realized we had been attacked by chiggers. Everyone but Kently and Blake... seriously?!?! The kids and I looked like we had a severe case of chicken pox. It was NOT fun. That Sunday night i had to work and i was misserable at work because of all the itching. I came home to go to bed and return to work again that night but didn't make it that far. Got home and find two kids that were itching as bad as me. Decided to keep them home from school with Dad. I took some benedryl so i could sleep better when Blake got home from the office to get his computer. I layed in bed till the kids started to argue, got up and started around the bed when i tripped over something on the floor and fell into our dresser. My hand hit the open drawer. i looked up and saw that my ring finger on my right hand was going the wrong way. Way the wrong way, like over my pinky wrong way.. I reacted and grabbed it and snapped it back in place my self. Then the pain started, oh my...... it was worse than my labor pains by far!!! Blake got home and we had to make a trip to the ER. Only for pain meds and to make sure it wasn't broke. It wasn't broke but come to find out three weeks later when it was healing i had torn all the ligaments in that finger. I now have to go to therapy for it and wear a brace. It is still really swollen and it still hurts pretty bad. Especially when i hit it on something. I can't bend it all the way down either, that's why i have to do therapy. Ready for this black cloud to move on from over our house! LOL!!!
kids were really excited when they found that we have cactus on our land, me not so much!!
Brooks acting like an Engineer!!! LOL
Trying to copy is Dad!!
Daddy teaching and Son listening and learning!
Bailey and Clark taking a walk down our dryed up creek bed
This is how we found Brooks when Bailey and i got back to the truck. Only he would be hanging out of the truck playing his DS! Silly kid!
Clark found an animal bone, loved every bit of it too!! We were all hoping it was an animal bone, LOL!!
kids playing and running with Clark in the big beautiful field out behind our property.
some pretty flowers that are on our land.
my poor finger......

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  1. Looks like a great place.

    Not so good for your finger!
    Take good care of it.

    Hope all goes well at conferences!

    M :)