Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Day...

I couldn't find any christmas morning pics of the kids opening their gifts. Not sure if they were loaded somewhere else on computer but for now this is all i have. :( Brooks got a hoodie that zips up over his face. He was pretty excited. It is a skeleton/zombie military dude! Bailey girl got a Barbie pool, she was pretty happy. Brooks thought it was pretty cool too. I sat down and played with Bailey and her new Barbies and pool for a while! My parents came down for Christmas later that day. They brought yummy shrimp and steak to grill and all kinds of other yummy food to eat. And of course sparkling cider to drink. Thanks for a great visit, Nana and Papa. Brooks got a game hand made by Papa called Wahoo. Funny cause that is her Daddy's nickname. He also got a golden baseball from the 2012 All Star game at Kauffman Stadium. And a huge Halo lego set! Bailey got a Ken doll. She was really excited cause earlier that morning when she opened her Barbie pool she made the comment, " hey, where's my boy Barbie with Abs?!?!? " Funny thing a few hours later she got her " boy barbie with Abs! " She also got mermaid Barbie and a fish bike helmet. Thanks Nana and Papa!! The pic of me is me with my new hillbilly wine glass!! And the pic of Nana and Papa and the kids is funny cause the kids were pinching Nana's bottom... it was making her jump and laugh! Thanks to the E-Crew for our gifts as well.

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