Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve.... one gift to open

Christmas Eve the kids always get to open one gift and it is usually their pajama's but since they had picked out their own this year we decided to let them open up the gifts from Grandpa Kently. Brooks got a pellet gun and Bailey girl got a pink BB gun!!! They were really excited! They asked right away if we could go out the next day to our property and shoot them. So, we did! Bailey could hardly hold her ups. Brooks really really likes his pellet gun, he loves that he doesn't have to cock it everytime you want to shoot it! It was FRIGID that next day so we pulled into our property, opened the back of the truck and let the kids shoot from inside the truck to keep them warm! They were shooting cans we had set up on an old gas grill sitting out there. They are great shots! Brooks and Bailey girl hit the cans! Thank you Grandpa Kently for the guns!

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