Thursday, February 28, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

We told the kids they could have their birthdays at Great Wolf Lodge ( last year ). We FINALLY got to go. The kids had been so patient. Brooks got to bring two friends and Bailey got to bring one. From the time we got to the lodge we hardly saw the boys. They were off and on the go the whole time! We got checked in to our room, changed clothes and headed straight to the pool area. Blake and I hung out with Bailey and her bestie, Audrey While the boys were off on their own. We swam till almost closing then changed and headed up to get Brooks and Bailey their wands for the game around the hotel called, Magic Quest. Again didn't see the boys for a while! Blake later took the boys down to the arcade and i took the girls down to the front lobby for some dancing to music time! They looked so cute in their matching nite gowns. Met up with boys in Arcade, played some games and then headed back to lobby for the hula hoop contest. The girls did great. Bailey came in second during one round. Good Job, Bailey Quin! About midnight we called it a night and then the crying started.... Bailey's friend Audrey started crying and wanted her mommy. Got her calmed down and she passed out. Awoke again with her crying at 2:30. Couldn't calm her down so her Dad came and picked her up. By morning i was alittle tired and warn out!! Back to swimming we go!!! Had a fantastic time! Blake was in line for a slide and was up really high, looked down to see a strange man taking a drink off our table and drinking it. Then he continued to take one of our pretzels and cheese and eat it. Blake told one of the life guards and took off down the stairs to confront the man. When he got to the guy he asked him what he thought he was doing eating and drinking OUR food?!?! The man got up in Blakes face and Blake warned him to back off, several times and he didn't so Blake gave the guy a warning punch in this chin. He backed up and then security came. In the meantime i had no idea any of this was going on. I showed up and was approached by the mans girlfriend and she was opologizing to me. Then Brooks showed up and told me that Daddy got in a fight and hauled off and punched a guy in the face!!!! Blake showed up and explained everything. Leave it to a almost 9 year old boy to think his dad " hauled off and punched a guy "!!!! love it! The security guys made the guy and his girlfriend get dressed and they were escorted out. After that our fun continued and ended the afternoon with playing alittle Magic Quest. There is one picture that i am posting of a little boy that is in yellow swim trunks climbing the stairs up to the slides. He doesn't have the lower part of his legs and one arm and hand are turned in. I was so proud of our kids when they were climbing the same stairs and of course were checking him out but when they got to the top Brooks looked over and said to the kid, " hey, lets race !! " The kids all played together and had a great time and after we left Brooks kept talking about how he couldn't stop thinking of that boy and that he was so impressed with how he was not like the other kids but had a smile on his face and that he was amazed that he acted like there was nothing wrong with him and he was having such a great time! Brooks continued to talk about that little boy for days! It was such a good eye opener for our kids and that it was a good lesson for them to remember that they need to remember that kid when they are complaining about how rough they have it!! p.s. i don't have alot of pics of Brooks because i barely saw him!!

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