Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow Day Two......

Day two of many snow days..... We took the kids to the Levee two three blocks from our house and it was the best hill ( except at the bottom of the hill ). At the bottom of the hill there was a little hill where the kids would slam into when they got to it. We told them to get off the sled before hitting it so they wouldn't get hurt. Brooks couldn't get off his sled in time and jammed his legs into it and jammed his back. It really hurt him. But he recovered quickly and continued sledding! Bailey came down and came off her sled but turned and hit the hill with her back, HARD!! It knocked the breath out of her. So much, that it scared Blake and i pretty bad. Blake carried her over to a long sled, layed her flat and she kept fluttering her eyes and couldn't talk... kept making weird sounds. Thought something was really wrong. Turns out it literally knocked the air out of her and she couldn't catch her breath. She finally did and complained of her back hurting. I brought her home and left the boys at the hill to continue in their fun. Bailey and I came home, made her hot cocoa and put some heat on her back. Her back was sore for several days after. Blake and Brooks stayed for another hour or so and came home. Brooks got to hang out with some classmates out there, he really had a lot of fun! We were happy to have Daddy home with us this day. It is always so much more fun with him with us. The roads were just too bad for him to even make it to the highway. I think he enjoyed being home with us too!

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