Friday, April 26, 2013

Brooks' last soccer game

Brooks played his last soccer game, he played well. Had a bit of a cough during this game so he wasn't as quick! There was a girl that kept playing pretty rough... even toward the boys. She was super tall and probably the tallest out of both teams. For some reason she kept roughing it with Brooks. Brooks wasn't going to put up with that, especially from a girl. But he ended up getting hurt. The girl stuck her arm out and hit him then ran right into him and stuck her foot out and made him hyperextend his knee. He went down and didn't get back up. Carried off the court by his couch. I went to get some ice and by the time i got back with it he was up and already back on the court playing! Thata boy!!! So proud of you Brooks!! The team got metals at the end from their couch! Great season Brooks!

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