Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day Two in Hutchinson

We got up after sleeping in a bit and headed to pick Grandpa Kently up to get some breakfast before heading the Salt Museum. Brooks felt fine afer getting sick the night before! Must have just been something he ate, thank goodness. Had a great breakfast and then went to the Salt Mine. They took us down in an elevator with about 10 other people and as we went down we were told it would get dark... they weren't kidding. You couldn't even see your hand infront of your own face. The ride took about a minute and a half to go 600ft underground. We all had to wear a hard hat. We also got to tote around a breathing maching around our necks with a strap just in case of an emergency. We didn't have any emergencies, thank goodness! I thought it would be kinda chilly down there but it was very very comfortable. The ceiling, floor and walls were all solid salt. It was amazing! We walked through some tunnels to read up on the history of the Salt Mine, watched some videos and got to touch some salt in three different ways that they produce it. We took a train ride through some of the tunnels. Then we rode a tram called the " dark ride ". It took us through the deep dark tunnels with only the light of the tram. We sat in the back so it was pretty dark. The tunnels went on for miles each way. Pretty amazing! The driver of the tram gave us a history lesson while stopping and showing us some things that were left down in the mines from a long time ago! We got to stop at a big pile of salt and the kids got to get out and either pick out a big piece of salt to take home or a bag of smalle pieces. Brooks got a big piece and Bailey got a bag full. After we had spent about 2 hrs down there, maybe longer. We made a stop in the gift shop and the kids each got their own hard hats with a light on the front that worked. They weren't allowed the wear those down underground but they got to wear them when we got back up in the lobby. Thanks Grandpa Kently for coming with us on these two adventures. We had a great time! Clark liked that he can come to your house and spend time with Buddy too!!

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