Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teacher Appriciation gifts....

Kids and I made their teachers personalized bags with their first initials on them. We used their favorite color and then we got them a matching mason jar drinking cup to match. We are going to fill the glasses with packets of tea or lemonade! Kids are proud of them! I think their teachers will like them! I even bought myself a bag, Teehee!! Hopeful i can get a few pics of the kids with their teachers when they give them the gifts! Those pics to come!


  1. I know two teachers who will love these
    bags! I know this teacher would. :)

    When are the kids out?

    1. I would hope they would like them... Kids are out on the 23rd. Not sure if i told you but Bailey had a complete turn around within the first week of changing schools!!!! ( teacher )She is doing great!!! Both of the kids adjusted really well! Thank god! Miss you guys! Hope things are well there in Lenexa. Sounds like there is a new family in the house with two teenagers.... hope they are nice!