Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bailey and her pageant

Bailey had her pageant interview Thursday afternoon. She did such a great job! She looked super cute in her new outfit. She wasn't nervous at all. She is such a social butterfly, i wasn't worried at all! Bailey got to be a in our local John Brown Jamboree Parade down main Street! She was so excited to be on a float and she was even more excited about throwing candy! She did such a great job! Friday night was the BIG day! PAGEANT DAY!! Both her Nana's came into town to watch her. She looked super cute in her 80's wear and her favorite was wearing her pretty dress! She did great! She looked so cute walking her walk across the stage! She even stopped and smiled at the judges. They picked the top 5 out of her age group of K-2nd grade. There were about 12 girls in her group and she didn't get a top 5 spot. She was sad but cheered on her friends as they got chosen. She was sad of course for not winning anything but all of us were so proud of her! I was a little of a mess, couldn't stop crying. Darn hormones! Bailey didn't see me cry but as soon as i would get stopped and got myself together she would say something or do something that would make it start all over again. I was a HOT MESS!!! LOL!! We are soo soo very proud of you Baily girl! You looked beautiful!!! You did a great job and you are a star in our eyes all the time! Bailey is looking forward to her new Hip Hop dance class she has signed up for in the neighboring town. She is very good at dancing and that is really where she shines!! Momma is looking forward to seeing her learn new dance moves! We love you Bailey Quin! After the pageant we all walked over to the carnival. Pics to come.......

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