Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our BOY is 9 !!!!!!!!!

Brooks Eric Madden, can not believe you are 9 years old!!! Just seems like yesterday you were entering this world! It was a crazy time and very scary but you made it here safe and sound! Daddy and I are so PROUD to be your parents and so pround of who you are and are becoming as a yound man! We love you buddy! ok, it was a long week leading up to Brooks' birthday! We started making his cakes several days before hand. Brooks asked if he could help me bake the cakes, so of course i let him! He added all the ingredients and cracked the eggs, used the mixer and put them into the oven! Thanks for the help buddy! Bailey helped a bit too! Went to our new pool in the next door town and it was a sucess! Kids had a lot of fun! Brooks went off the high dive too!! Had ball games one night then worked on cake a bit more. Friday I took the kids into the city to meet friends to bowl, a birthday tradition and then headed back for a few hours to work on the cake and finish it up. Had boys meet at our house and took them back to the city to play some laser tag! They had a BLAST!!! Home for cake and icecream! It was a great day! Brooks got lots of cash and some great presents! Thank you E-Crew for the gift! Big hit! Brooks thanked me for his cake and said i went way beyond! He thanked me several times that day with a hug! Can't any better than that for a momma! Or..... can it.......? Went kissing him goodnight, i heard him say to himself while i was walking out of his room," this was a GREAT birthday!! " Truley warmed my heart! Love you bubba! p.s. A BIG thank you from Brooks to: Nana & Poppy, Nana & Papa, E-Crew, Grandpa Kently and friends for all the cards, cash and gifts! I had a great birthday!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Brooks.

    Looks like you had a great one.

    Ken and Melinda