Saturday, August 17, 2013

Perfect weather for some fishin

The weather has been beautiful here. It finally stopped raining and it has been in the 70's and no humidity. So, we have taken advantage of it and have gone the lake the last few evenings. The first night it was just Blake, Brooks and I. Bailey was at a friends house. Brooks caught a few small fish and as soon as Blake left to go pick Bailey up i heard Brooks say," Mom, I caught a turtle!" I told him he would have to wait till his dad got back cause i wasn't going to try to get it off the hook. I did't really want to get my finger bit off. :) We got lucky, it actually came off the hook itself, thank god!! Brooks named him Rover. It stuck around in the area we were fishing the rest of the time. strange but true. He then caught a fish that was so small he could have used it as his bait! That is the pic of him acting like he is going to eat it! Second night we went to a different lake. We cooked bacon wrapped pork chops. Brooks again was the only one that caught anything. I take that back, Bailey caught one. Brooks caught a nice size Bass for him anyway. After that it was all small ones. Brooks has become the little fisherman these days. He breaks the worms in half and baits his own hook and then takes the fish off the hook when he catches one. Awesome job, Bubba! Clark really enjoys these trips to the lake too, he runs all over and plays in the water. He likes to listen for the frogs then try to get them in the tall grass. It is funny to watch.

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