Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We headed down to Linn Valley Lake Friday evening to camp and boat with friends that have some lots for the holiday weekend. We are considering buying a lot as well. You can get them super cheap when they come up on auction. And what i mean by cheap is some of our friends got their lot a month ago when it was up on auction for 10 BUCKS!!! yep i said, 10 BUCKS!!! We had a great time down there. Spent the day on Saturday out on the boat. Kids had a blast!! Blake got injured. He went to jump off the side of the boat slipped on a mat and landed all his weight on a railing then fell into the water. He came up out of the water and out of breath. It scared us cause we thought he either punctured a lung or did some internal damage. He was really hurting. He got to where he could breath and took a break on the boat, but finished out the day in the water. Couldn't do anything once back at camp. He couldn't even bend over to open a cooler to get a beer. You know the man is hurting if he can't get himself a beer. LOL Next day, he started to bruise. He is doing much better today. It has been a week since it happened. He missed playing in a work golf tourney yesterday cause he still couldn't swing his club without hurting to badly. :( Pretty sure he cracked a rib or two.... We all got eatin up by chiggers and mosquito's. Brooks fell into some poison ivy while riding his bike and is covered in it now. Poor kid! We took the kids to one of the two pools they have there one afternoon and then walked down to the beach near by. The water felt awesome and the kids had a blast playing in the sand and lake. It is one of the cleanest and greenest lakes i have swam in. You could see your feet when floating in the water, that's how clean and clear it was. Bailey spent her time diving in her goggles trying to find treasures in the sandy bottoms of the lake. She found 3 sea shells and she was very excited about it. Brooks and the boys spent their time swimming and then building sand castles. Blake helped work on one of the four wheelers to get it working right. He put his wedding ring on one of the break handles to work on it and forgot it there. The guys took off on the four wheelers and it flew off. They spent a lot of time looking for it but no luck. I think Blake was kinda surprised i wasn't mad at him. There wasn't any reason to mad, it was done and over and nothing i could do to change it. I was sad cause the symbol of it and that it was the ring i gave him on our wedding day. :( We are going to take a metal detector the next time we go down and look again. Why not, nothing to lose! The kids were excited about riding on them. Blake and Brent took them for rides. We are very grateful for the new friends we have made here in our new town. Good people! Good friends! Good times!! Look forward to many more weekends at and on the lake!

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