Sunday, November 3, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

After going to pumpkin patch we carved our pumpkins a few days later. Its funny cause the kids are super excited to carve their pumpkins but Blake and I end up doing most of the carving. The kids did clean their pumpkins out and scrape them and poke all the holes. But Daddy and I did most of the carving! They turned out pretty cool. Bailey's was the kitty cat and Brooks' was the scary face. They each picked their pics off of the computer. Bailey said she wanted to go change her clothes for carving the pumpkins, so when she came out in her pageant dress, i laughed and said of course you would be wearing that!!! Silly girl! They each got to decorate their own side of the front porch. Our front porch turned out to be really cute! We even had a scary creepy crawly visitor too.

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